Opinion: Corporations ruining Vermont environment for profit

Out of country energy corporations are using our tax dollars to push their version of energy solutions into the small communities of Vermont for profit. The communities that are besieged by these threads of economic profiting which blind those who are participating with great ideals.
The flow moves through our federal and state legislative community, through lobbying with our tax dollars. Advertising and education in the schools, universities, business and environmental sections all give way to this illusion, which brings into the Vermont rural communities a surprise and shocking reality, they have little say.
The only reason Green Mountain Power was bought was to master this New England market for profits in other New England states. Let’s destroy the environment to say we are saving the Earth for profits.
The on rush of possible profits brings a lot of business but at what cost to wildlife and human habitat and environments? Blinding views are costing a lot people in Vermont rural communities suffering in health, natural environment of life, and economic strife.
Controlled central powers of our of country corporations influencing every sector of life to say, “We know what is best for you, trust us, we know … you do not and will not get in our way.”
Fred Person

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