Experience and youth prevail in Ripton road races

RIPTON — Youthful energy took all the honors in the Ripton Ridge Run’s 5K, but the experience and staying power of maturity proved key in the 10K. The 28th annual Ridge Run on Sunday, Oct. 12, attracted about 185 runners and walkers who tested their legs on the hilly, autumnal roads of Ripton. Family and friends joined them on a gorgeous sunny day for the post-race lunch, awards ceremony and raffle.
The 5K was swept by Addison County teens in both the men’s and women’s divisions. Cornwall’s Sam Hodges led the field with a time of 18:26, followed by Nick Wilkerson of Middlebury at 18:39 and Lance Bergmans of Ferrisburgh at 18:51. The women’s 5K was a Vorsteveld family affair with Julia, Kareena and Sylvia, all from Ferrisburgh, coming in at 23:09, 23:11 and 24:07 respectively.
In the 10.4K, Tony Bates of Salisbury once again finished first, as he has done many times since 1987’s first Ridge Run. His time was 42:03. Aaron De Toledo, also from Salisbury, was next in at 42:26. Ripton’s Andrew Gardner came in at 43:37, making him the third person to cross the finish line. Nicole Wilkerson’s time of 49:48 put her eighth overall and first in the women’s division. Mary Stewart, formerly of Ripton, was the second woman to cross, at 53:26, followed by Sarah Lawrence of Montpelier whose time was 54:19.
The top five finishers in each event with town of residents, age, and time, are as follows:
Men’s 5K: 1. Sam Hodges, Cornwall, 15, 0:18:27; 2. Nick Wilkerson, Middlebury, 16, 0:18:40; 3. Lance Bergmans, Ferrisburgh, 15, 0:18:51; 4. Sebastian Durante, Ripton, 17, 0:20:14; 5. Brian Phinney, Ripton, 33, 0:20:20.
Women’s 5K: 1. Julia Vorsteveld, Ferrisburgh, 18, 0:23:09; 2. Kareena Vorsteveld, Ferrisburgh, 17, 0:23:12; 3. Sylvia Vorsteveld, Ferrisburgh, 13, 0:24:08; 4. Astrid Olsen, Cornwall, 12, 0:25:27; 5. Jamie Phinney, Ripton, 34, 0:25:33.
Men’s 10.4K: 1. Tony Bates, Salisbury, 56, 0:42:04; 2. Aaron de Toledo, Salisbury, 21, 0:42:27; 3. Andrew Gardner, Ripton, 35, 0:43:37; 4. Patrick Lawrence, Montpelier, 30, 0:43:48; 5. Keith Wilkerson, Middlebury, 46, 0:44:50.
Women’s 10.4K: 1. Nicole Wilkerson, Middlebury, 44, 0:49:49; 2. Mary Stewart, Ripton, 28, 0:53:26; 3. Sarah Lawrence, Montpelier, 35, 0:54:20; 4. Lauren Olsen, 22, 0:57:49; 5. Ginger Camp, South Burlington, 31, 1:01:19.
Complete results can be found at www.riptonridgerun.org.
The Ripton Ridge Run, an annual fundraiser for the Ripton Elementary School, is hosted by Friends of the Ripton School.

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