Opinion: Tighten reins on NexBridge plan

I am concerned about the proposed NexBridge project. It is proceeding at record pace with little or no public discussion. 
My dad used to tell me, “Whoa! Hold your horses!” That is exactly what I hope the Middlebury selectboard will do.
The NexBridge project is proposed for the only remaining large, open, town-owned space in downtown Middlebury. Whatever is built in this area will impact our downtown aesthetically, fiscally and functionally for decades to come. Use of this space deserves a huge amount of thought, creativity and public discussion.
Because of a very recent gift from Middlebury College, the town now owns the entire area behind the Ilsley Library. How this space is used will make a huge impact on our downtown — for better or worse.  The need to decide right now is not critical, what happens to it is. “Getting it right” IS essential.
As a town we have an enormous opportunity — let’s not squander it.
“Whoa! Hold your horses!”
Peg Martin

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