Opinion: Student lobbies for D.O. program

My name is Clifford Bell. I’m a senior in the Diversified Occupations class, graduating this year and have been in D.O. for 8 years. My guardian works at the D.O. school and without her I would still be living in a very bad place.
 I feel really upset that my school might have to make significant changes. D.O is my favorite place to be. They help me grow more, get a job, get a driver’s license, and do budgeting. In my opinion the regular high school is not good for me or any of the D.O. students. I been there and done that before in the past several years. It’s hard for any student to learn stuff.
One on one with students doesn’t work. They sit by you, and make sure that you don’t get into a fight. To me I think it’s not learning. My D.O. school is not an “old model” like the superintendent said, it helps students learn. They help you with everything that you don’t know.
I know I will be graduating but I want D.O. to be there for my friends. I want them to have the same learning and have a place to be where they don’t get picked on. I want the people who pay taxes to know that if the D.O. program wasn’t there I would have graduated high school, not been able to find a job and be living in a very bad place. That makes me sad. Please don’t do this.
Clifford Bell, Ripton

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