Opinion: Letters showed hope for future

In the Monday, Aug. 10, issue of your paper, there were letters to the editor that gave me great hope for the future.
One was a serious analysis of the pros and cons of local police acquiring and using Tasers. Another was about a seemingly responsible young woman who accidentally caused the death of a local cyclist, possibly due largely to driving under the influence of alcohol as well as several medications prescribed by a physician (that affect neurological functioning) and the likely relative meager legal consequence for such an offense.
The third letter was from a local woman who made a banner for peace that was used when a deceased local peace activist, Fay Honey Knopp, participated in a 1982 demonstration to encircle the Pentagon with a ribbon of peace.
Both the writers of these letters and your paper’s decision to publish them in that one issue furnished a measure of hope to this 95-year-old former peace activist, when so many other items in current news media furnish only reason for loss of such hope for humanity’s future.
Samuel Fogel, Middlebury

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