Opinion: Bristol resident in need of support from community

I posted this on various pages on Facebook. I then realized, the people whoshould see it, would likely read it in the newspaper.I grew up in Bristol. Wonderful town that supports its own.Sometimes. But, there are people who need help and just do not get theattention necessary.How does one go about get some fundraising done for a member of the communitywho has lived there their whole life? I know the town/county does major fundraising for causes. How are theychosen?
I am talking specifically about Tammy Clough Shackett. She has been dealingwith her severe lung issues for longer than most can remember. The BurlingtonFree Presshas done articles and there have been a couple of reports ontelevision. But, the community has not really come to her aid, with a very fewexceptions.
Well, Tammy needs some help. She has been on a waiting list for years to getnew lungs and may need to look elsewhere. We all know how much medical carecosts and then, there are the travel expenses. Can you imagine having totravel even further just to have the opportunity to breathe? She hasgrandbabies who depend on her, not to mention her friends and husband andfamily.
Take a moment. Pinch your nose and put a face cloth over your mouth. Now,breathe. Not so easy, is it? We take it for granted. But, she struggles dailyjust to get that oxygen into her lungs and bloodstream. Praying that herlevels will not drop while she is sleeping. Toting an oxygen tank everywhereshe goes.
All she wants to do is breathe. To hold her grandchildren. To push them onthe swing. Ride the teeter-totter. Throw a Frisbee on the park.Now, I am not anywhere close to Bristol, or I would see what I could do. AGoFundMe page is not as personal as a community coming together to help oneof their own.So, what needs to happen to get this lady in the spotlight?
Helenjean Middeke, Port Washington, Wis.

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