Opinion: Field Days exhibit as un’bear’able

I love the Addison County Fair. It seems to me to be the perfect combination of all things that make a good agricultural and entertainment fair. That is how I have always felt until now. I can’t imagine who came up with the idea of having caged bears at the fair. It goes against everything a Vermont fair should be.
Caged bears! What were they thinking? It doesn’t matter if the organization declares itself the savior of the bears. Wild animals don’t belong in a cage. If they are in need of care before they are returned to the wild or put in a safe conservation area then do it right. Don’t take them on the road for profit. No one who really cares about animal wildlife would do that.
I certainly hope those in charge of scheduling events and shows will reconsider this for next year’s fair. Having these bears on display is truly the opposite of everything the fair stands for.
Jo LaFontaine

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