Festival on-the-Green seeking storage

MIDDLEBURY — Organizers of Festival on-the-Green, the week-long summer music event in Middlebury, are seeking a new year-round storage space for some festival equipment.
For many years Festival on-the-Green has been able to store its equipment in the town of Middlebury municipal garage.
With construction under way on a new municipal building, they need to find a new home for the tent poles, stage and other equipment that has become essential for staging the shows, which have gone on for 37 summers. One volunteer has said he can house the two, 24-foot aluminum center poles for the tent. So organizers are looking for a space that would hold all of the other items.
In an ideal situation, said festival secretary Pat Boera, the storage space would be free or very low cost and located within five miles of downtown Middlebury.
Th equipment that needs to be stored for 11 months of the year includes:
•  Thirty-six, 12-foot wooden side poles.
•  Eight, 4-foot by 8-foot metal stage platforms, which stack.
•  Six, 4-foot by 8-foot wooden stage platforms, which stack.
•  Three very large sacks, which each contain the tent vinyl.
•  Three tubs of Quik-tite tent straps.
•  Sixty 42-inch steel tent stakes.
•  A metal donation box.
•  Two sandwich boards.
Anyone who can offer storage space, or who knows of someone that Boera and crew could reach out to, is asked to get in touch via email at [email protected] or by phone at 802-324-7430. 

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