Opinion: Death of a culture

With so many terrible things happening in this world that we must address, each one seems a monumental task. I’m convinced  that all these things are connected. The action we take to address all these terrible circumstances seems to be on a downward spiral, treating violence with more violence.
Why are we alone in the developed world with capital punishment, which has never proved effective in deterring crime? We are a violent culture. We are a warring nation, history proves it.
I had the good fortune to have a brief conversation with Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges while he was signing a new book for me. I commented that I had read his book “The Death of the Liberal Class” and I also said, “I think it’s the death of our culture.” He looked up and said, “I think so, too.”
I know a lot of people who would believe this conversation is unnecessary, that we should all have a positive attitude, help each other and everything will be all right. We must do this, but this never works by itself. We live in a corporate empire that is part of a global corporate empire that has taken control of our system of government, causing hardship and suffering to millions of Americans. It’s accelerating. Only we can take this power and control away from these people.
These are not your average caring Americans, they are people who are only interested in their own personal gain at any cost. We must get busy and educate ourselves with alternative media and stop doing nothing. It’s fast becoming a police state with militarized police in every state. Privatization is replacing public schools, the post office, highways and bridges and the prison industry. We have more people in prison than any other country in the free world. The easiest punishment at this time is solitary confinement up to 30 years. Unarmed black men and children being shot dead on the streets, 8-year-olds being handcuffed and taken to jail by special squads of uniformed police that enter the classroom. Children going hungry, stagnant wages for 40 years Unions fast becoming obsolete, also the middle class. So many young people cannot afford a college education. The infrastructure is similar to a Third World condition. Only to mention a small number of very serious conditions that are getting progressively worse.
I’ve always considered myself lucky to have been born in a free country. I was free to learn my trade as a bricklayer as a union member with good wages for a good part of my life. At age 30 I returned to studying piano and started playing professionally. Also, I studied and have a practice in health kinesiology, which I absolutely love. From a bricklayer to a musician to helping sick people is very gratifying. I owe this in part to living in this country.
But is it so free? The American people are not free when our corporate government sends our young men (kids) to these oil-rich countries to make one regime change after another to kill people and be killed while lying to these kids, their parents and all Americans that our goal is to spread democracy in the entire world. Also, we take the responsibility of being the world’s policeman. These two lies that I’ve been hearing my entire life are just a tiny fragment of the greatest propaganda system in the world.
To maintain global dominance we will do anything. Before invading Iraq based on a lie, there was no terrorism. Now it is common knowledge that we created ISIS. We supply Saudi Arabia with weaponry to bomb the civilians in Yemen. Our government sees the historic suffering and death and says nothing. We watch and assist Israel murder thousands of people in Gaza in an open-air prison and say nothing. One could go on and on.
We must believe what this reckless, powerful corporate force can do to the rest of the world, it can also do to us. The Centers for Disease Control has a long history of presenting false results on medical studies. A CDC scientist just went public admitting to not releasing important facts on research of certain drugs. Public radio on June 23 just released a report on a government admission of doing research using mustard gas on African Americans (50,000) during the Second World War.
What frightens me most is the shootings killing innocent people. All the reasons why these men and boys killed all these innocent people with such horrific anger deserve to be considered. Racism certainly was a factor in some of the killings. Also, availability of weapons, mental illness and various other reasons.
But what is not being said this past year or more is the psychotropic drugs each and every one of the shooters was taking, according to CBS’s Mike Adams. In the past, the media always reported the name of each shooter and what psychotropic drugs he was taking. One can see why the corporate media in bed with Big Pharma and the government stopped all reporting of these drugs as killings became more prevalent.
Over the past 20 years, each mass shooting was done by a man taking a psychotropic drug, 45 shootings not one time without these drugs. It is common knowledge now in the medical community these drugs have caused suicide and murder with some people. Too many to be sure.
If we think hard about what’s just around the corner with police enforcing mandatory vaccinations, we will remember the history of Nazi Germany. There will be a mass exodus from California if and when this happens.
I do think all of this is connected by one driving force: It is ownership of our country, of our political system, financial system, infrastructure, communications, and I’m sure they think they own us. And who are they? They are people who cannot live with us, think like us, care for and love other people like us. They are a small group of billionaires who can easily donate millions of dollars to politicians who will vote in their interest.
A perfect example is their complete ownership and control of the media. Not to interfere with their investment in the pharmaceutical industry by allowing the connection between drugs and these shootings.
I strongly suggest you go online to Natural News (Mike Adams). CBS News reported the shooter (Dylann) was taking orange strips of Suboxone, a Schedule 3 narcotic. He has reported all the names and dates of shootings and the names of each drug taking before and at the time of the shootings, all 45 of them.
Fred Barnes, Middlebury

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