Bristol Police Log: Police uphold order by responding to calls, patrolling roads

BRISTOL — During May, Bristol police patrolled several roads outside of the village per town contracts, including Daniel’s Four Corners, Monkton Road, Stoney Hill, Lovers Lane, Cove Road, Hewitt Road and Hardscrabble Road. During those patrols, police issued three tickets for not obeying a stop sign, one for not carrying a license and five for speeding, plus issued warnings for defective equipment and no inspection stickers.
Between May 19 and May 28 officers assisted with intersection construction by using blue lights from a cruiser and assisted with traffic control at the traffic light project in downtown Bristol.
In other activity during the month of May, Bristol police:
•  On May 1 at 8:32 p.m. were dispatched to Mount Abraham Union High School for a reported lost child. The officer arrived at the same time that the mother located the child.
•  On May 2 received a report of the theft of a 75-foot garden hose from West Street. No suspects were identified.
•  On May 2 escorted a funeral for the Brown-McClay Funeral Home.
•  On May 2 at 1:15 p.m. responded to a one-vehicle crash with no injuries in the parking lot of Rite-Aid.
•  On May 2 at 3 p.m. received from a citizen a male dog found running in the road around the high school. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to contact the Bristol Animal Warden, the dog was remanded to the Bristol Dog Pound.
•  On May 4 checked local businesses, all appeared secure.
•  On May 5 received a wallet found on Route 116 North during Green Up Day. A letter was sent to the New York  resident whose ID and items were found in the wallet.
•  On May 5 ticketed a Bristol resident for passing a stopped school bus.
•  On May 5 assisted a woman who had been locked out of her vehicle by her child. Access was gained; no harm came to the child.
•  On May 7 responded to a reported ATM alarm at the National Bank of Middlebury. The alarm was accidentally set off while the ATM was being serviced.
•  On May 7 received a report that a child’s bike had been stolen from in front of Bristol Elementary School. The bike, red with white handlebars and back rims, was left at the school over night and was gone in the morning.
•  On May 7 checked the welfare of a male subject who was threatening to kill himself. The caller could only provide a name, phone number, and that they thought he lived in Bristol. Police were able to ping the male’s cell phone, which showed he was in the Brandon area. The male was located by Brandon police and found to be OK.
•  On May 8 at 2 a.m. assisted Vergennes police with a traffic stop on Route 22A in Panton, where a subject was actively resisting the Vergennes officer. The Bristol officer assisted in dealing with an intoxicated passenger and towing the vehicle.
•  On May 8 at 4:14 a.m. looked into an alarm activation at the Living Well Care Home. Police found an employee inside and no emergency had occurred.
•  On May 8 responded to Vincent Drive for a report of a dog wandering the neighborhood. The dog was located and transported to the pound, and the animal control officer was advised.
•  On May 8 received a Ford key on a dealer ring with electric lock fob that had been found by a citizen in the road on Hardscrabble Road. An owner has not been identified.
•  On May 9 at 8:16 p.m. were dispatched to a Munsill Ave address for a reported citizen dispute. The officer found a resident locked out of the apartment by a roommate. The officer took the  complainant to a Main Street address for a place to stay for the night.
•  On May 11 were told that a three-wheeled jogging stroller had been stolen from Maple Street; days later the caller reported the stroller had been recovered.
•  On May 12 conducted door checks of local businesses, and notified the owner of one business found unsecured.
•  On May 12 at 10:50 p.m. an unknown female motorist reported seeing a naked male on a bicycle riding on Spring Street. Police checked the area, and were unable to locate the naked male.
•  On May 13 two officers attended a two-day training in the forensic interviewing of children.
•  On May 13 took a report of a minor traffic crash in the Shaw’s parking lot.
•  On May 13 made contact with a non-district resident who reported that an ex-girlfriend was receiving and opening his mail. Bristol police assisted the complainant by retrieving mail and referred him a U.S. Postal Inspector.
•  On May 14 at 12:50 a.m. found a small baggy containing a brownish powder on the floor of the sally port at the police department. The powder field tested positive for heroin. The heroin was packaged and tagged and the chief notified.
•  On May 14 began investigation of a New Haven woman’s complaint that she had received harassing messages while working in the police district.
•  On May 14 responded to a Munsill Avenue apartment for a reported assault. Police learned that one person had been slapped in the stomach by a roommate who had left. An officer served a relief from abuse order on the roommate.
•  On May 14 received a request from a district resident to check their house while they were out of town.
•  On May 15 at 10:31 a.m. responded to a reported fire at MAUHS. Police found a small cooking fire had set off smoke alarms in one of the outbuildings and staff had extinguished the fire.
•  On May 15 received a marijuana pipe located by staff at MAUHS. The owner of the pipe was not known, and police disposed of it.
•  On May 15 received a request to serve notice on a family with a child reportedly truant from MAUHS.
•  On May 15 received a report from a Bristol resident that her iPhone 4 was taken from her vehicle the previous night while she was at MAUHS. The vehicle was locked and she was not sure exactly how they got into the car. No suspect was identified.
•  On May 15 cited Jordan Paul, 20, of Middlebury for petit larceny at the request of Middlebury police. Later the same day it was learned an active arrest warrant had been issued for Paul. Police located Paul again and lodged him at Chittenden Regional Correctional facility for lack of $5,000 bail.
•  On May 16 calmed a citizen dispute on North Street.
•  On May 16 at 8:36 p.m. were called out to an alarm activation at Holley Hall. The officer found a dance in progress upstairs, and the rear door alarm had been activated when someone exited through the back stairwell door.
•  On May 17 assisted with traffic control at the funeral of Jacob Gorton, a Bristol 15-year-old who had passed away following a long battle with leukemia.
•  On May 17 received a request from someone outside the police district to serve a temporary relief from abuse order on a subject who may be living in the police district. A Bristol officer found the subject lived outside the district and advised state police.
•  On May 18 received a report from a woman who said her vehicle was damaged when a motorcycle parked next to her car at the Village Creeme Stand had tipped over against her car.
•  On May 18 followed up on a December 2014 report of an assault of one student by another student at Bristol Elementary School by issuing a juvenile citation for aggravated assault.
•  On May 18 took a report of damage of unknown origin to a resident’s vehicle. A report was completed for insurance purposes.
•  On May 18 served a temporary relief from abuse order on a Munsill Avenue resident.
•  On May 18 at 8:40 p.m. assisted a motorist at Daniel’s Four Corners for VSP. The Bristol officer assisted in getting the vehicle started then followed the driver and occupants to their residence on Mountain Street.
•  On May 18 conducted door checks of local businesses, found one business unsecured, locked the door and left a business check card for the owner.
•  On May 19 completed three Vehicle Identification Number inspections.
•  On May 21 received a request from a Main Street resident that a no trespass notice be issued to a subject who had recently been staying at her apartment. Police complied.
•  On May 21 a truant officer met with MAUHS staff, other support service representatives and the family of a student with serious attendance issues. A plan was developed to get the student back in school on a regular basis, and no immediate police/truant officer action is needs.
•  On May 21 at 10:37 p.m. cited 18-year-old Anthony D. Sargent of Bristol for speeding. Police clocked Sargent by radar travelling 98 mph southbound on North Route 116.
•  After being called to an East Street resident on May 21 at 11:42 p.m. for a report of a domestic assault, police on May 26 issued a temporary restraining order to a Bristol man.
•  On May 23 served a temporary restraining order on a Bristol resident on behalf of the state police.
•  On May 23 were given a ring found on the sidewalk in front of the flower shop in Bristol.
•  On May 25 escorted the Bristol Memorial Day Parade from the Bristol American Legion to the town park with assistance from the Addison County Sheriff’s Department.
•  On May 27 at 5:15 p.m. cited Brenda L. Shores, 47, of Bristol for disorderly conduct and unlawful mischief following a complaint that Shores was throwing items belonging to a male subject, screaming and using profanity at the corner of Main and Basin streets. Police alleged that one of the items, a flashlight belonging to the male subject, broke when she threw it into the street.
•  On May 27 served a “Final Relief From Abuse Order” on a police district resident.
•  On May 27 at 9:40 p.m. conducted a town-contract traffic patrol on Route 116 North. Police clocked a motorcycle traveling southbound at 90 mph, but it took off before the officer could get the cruiser’s blue lights activated. It was last seen near the twin bridges.
•  On May 29 responded to a report of a stray dog on Maple Street, but an officer could not find it.
•  On May 29 at 7:59 p.m. responded to a minor vehicle crash in the parking lot of the Shaw’s/Rite-Aid stores; no one was injured.
•  On May 30 at around 2:30 a.m.. police were called to East Street west of the Lord’s Prayer Rock for a single vehicle crash. When police arrived they found the vehicle had gone out of control, crashed into several mailboxes, went back onto the roadway then back off the roadway where it came to rest.
Investigation showed that Kyle T. Hamblin, 23, of Weybridge was the operator at the time of the crash based on his admission. Police took Hamblin into custody and processed him at the Bristol Police Department for driving under the influence. His blood alcohol content was measured at 0.156 percent; the legal limit for driving is 0.08 percent. Hamblin was fingerprinted, photographed and issued a citation to appear in Addison Superior Court, criminal division, where he pleaded guilty to a charge of driving under the influence.
A female passenger who had taken off into the woods on foot after the crash was later found at a residence on East Street with the assistance of Vermont State Police. There were no injuries to either Hamblin or his passenger.
•  On May 30 at 6:13 p.m. took a report of two vehicles driving very fast on Mountain Street. A plate number was obtained from  one of the vehicles and the other was described as a black sedan that turned down Garfield Street.
•  On May 31 helped out state police by responding to a rescue call outside of the police district for a combative patient. A Bristol officer went to the residence and found the man cooperative. Rescue did not transport him.

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