Vergennes Police Log: Cops ticket several tractor trailer drivers

VERGENNES — In a busy week between Feb. 2 and 8, Vergennes police handled incidents that included truck enforcement, minor drug cases, alcohol offenses at Vergennes Union High School and Northlands Job Corps, and a number of traffic accidents.
In those seven days, Vergennes police:
•  On Feb. 2 helped the Vergennes Area Rescue Squad at a Walker Avenue call.
•  On Feb. 2 responded to a one-car accident on Jersey Street in Panton on behalf of Vermont State Police.
•  On Feb. 2 helped a resident get into a Valley View Apartment.
•  On Feb. 3 told an elderly man walking in the middle of Main Street to use the plowed sidewalk.
•  On Feb. 3 checked a report of a suspicious car on South Maple Street and learned it belonged to a resident waiting while a driveway was plowed.
•  On Feb. 3 and 4 talked to the owner of a car improperly parked.
•  On Feb. 3 helped VARS at a Meigs Road call.
•  On Feb. 3 backed up VSP while they helped a Whispering Pines Campground resident in Panton.
•  On Feb. 4 intercepted a car speeding north on Route 7 and arranged for a passenger to be transferred to an ambulance.
•  On Feb. 4 responded to a report of a juvenile threatening to harm himself at a School Street residence; police said he suffered a broken bone and VARS took him to Porter Hospital.
•  On Feb. 4 stood by while John Graham Shelter personnel relocated a resident.
•  On Feb. 4 warned a man who had followed a woman to the Shaw’s Supermarket parking lot and allegedly yelled at her not to follow or make contact with her.
•  On Feb. 4 stopped a tractor-trailer truck on Main Street and ticketed the driver for not keeping required logs and placed him out of service for 10 hours.
•  On Feb. 5 had a disabled tractor-trailer truck towed to the Kennedy Brothers parking lot from Main Street.
•  On Feb. 5 dealt with a minor two-car accident on Main Street.
•  On Feb. 5 went to VUHS when school officials reported a possibly abandoned juvenile; police referred the case to VSP when they determined she had run away from a Ferrisburgh home.
•  On Feb. 5 issued court diversion paperwork to several VUHS students who brought alcohol to the school; police said they were still investigating the case, in particular how the minors obtained the alcohol.
•  On Feb. 5 shut a Creekview Apartments door they found open after determining there was no other problem.
•  On Feb. 5 issued a $322 federal ticket to the operator of a tractor-trailer truck stopped on Main Street after determining the driver had exceeded the legal operating hours limit.
•  On Feb. 6 heard from a female resident that she was concerned about the possible actions of a prisoner who was about to be released.
•  On Feb. 6 responded to a one-car accident on West Main Street and ticketed the operator for improper equipment after determining the car was being driven with worn summer tires in a snowstorm.
•  On Feb. 6 helped VARS at the United Technologies plant on Panton Road.
•  On Feb. 6 told a Creekview Apartments resident to turn down loud music.
•  While on Feb. 6 task force duty in Shelburne issued court diversion paperwork to a driver who was found to be in possession of marijuana and a pipe and admitted to smoking the drug while driving.
•  On Feb. 7 and 8 dealt with alcohol offenses at Northlands. Police said the Feb. 7 report came in about a Feb. 6 incident and was too late to act upon, but on Feb. 8 they cited one student for supplying alcohol to minors and issued court diversion paperwork to three minors.
•  On Feb. 8 dealt with three road mishaps. They first checked a report of a car off Panton Road, but it was gone when they arrived. Next, they helped a driver on Route 22A in Panton whose car got stuck when he pulled off the road after his windshield iced up. Finally, they dealt with a minor two-car accident on Main Street, and while there confiscated 4.5 grams of marijuana from one vehicle and ticketed a passenger for possession of marijuana and of paraphernalia.
•  On Feb. 8 responded to an incident in which one female Northlands student allegedly slapped another in a dispute over the last bite of a meal. Police did not cite either student. 

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