Opinion: Voters’ wishes were ignored

In this last election cycle a precious few enlightened Citizens beheld the voice of one crying in the wilderness, a lone echo, and they cast their votes in the hope of a rebirth, a renaissance, a new beginning. I was humbled and profoundly grateful for these heroic voters from across Vermont from Shelburne to Shoreham, to Orwell, Whiting and Middlebury.
But alas this wilderness, this wild, natural, rural, bucolic, cultural and moral landscape that once defined our uniquely precious Vermont is now daily being ravaged and obliterated forever lost as the foundation and soul of Vermont. From the hallowed glorious Green Mountain summits to the gently rolling hills and verdant valleys, our moral landscape, this precious land purchased with the blood sweat and toil of the Green Mountain Boys and some fellow patriots is now vanishing before our eyes.
And how are we citizens responding? Mostly with a resounding cry of Ho-hum or Oh-well. However, in this last election cycle a majority of Vermonters did vote for change from the top down. And how did the house of misrepresentation respond? Under the inconceivable yet legal process of secret unaccountable ballots they reelected the incumbent governor with practically a two to one majority.
Yes, our voices were heard, and they were absolutely ignored. This is Mediocracy and Hypocracy at work. This is not a government of and by the people as declared, proclaimed and defined by our Constitutions and founding principles. This is Government in spite of the people, joining the now well defined and established tradition of the Public (disservice) Service Board.
We fought for our Independence and rights to self representation at the cost of thousands of Patriot lives, many perishing in Vermont in 1776-1777 in a most brutal winter. Ill fed, ill clothed, ill housed, hundreds dying in unspeakable horror, freezing to death or besieged by the horrible smallpox epidemic. A hand full of Patriots must once again unite, and, with our sweat, toil and some tears, restore that precious Independence and control of our destiny for ourselves and our posterity.
In two weeks I shall issue a proclamation to disperse the mindless rhetoric and end the Reign of Error, illuminating our united path to a rebirth and renewal of this once great Republic.
Rustan Swenson
The Coffee Party & Spirit of ’86

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