Middlebury Police Log: Cars vandalized in college lot

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury police on Nov. 13 were informed that several vehicles in Middlebury College’s “E” lot off Shannon Street had been damaged as a result of someone walking on top of them. Damage included scratches and dents in  the hoods and/or roofs of the vehicles, according to police.
In other action last week, Middlebury police:
•  Responded to a report of a “large fight” on Leno Lane on Nov. 10. On arrival, police learned that one person had been pushed and was uninjured.
•  Received a report of the theft of a black tote bag from Town Hall Theater on Nov. 10
•  Ticketed a youth for being a minor in possession of tobacco on the Middlebury Union High School campus on Nov. 10.
•  Served a no-trespass order on Nov. 10 on a person who was not wanted at Kinney Drugs.
•  Assisted Middlebury College Public Safety with a drunken and belligerent Shoreham man who was not welcome on campus on Nov. 11.
•  Responded to a report of a fight on Court Street on Nov. 11 in which one of the combatants had received a cut to his head.  Police said the victim didn’t want to report the incident and refused to inform police as to who had injured him.
•  Investigated a report of possible marijuana use by a person in the East Main Street area on Nov. 11. Police found no such evidence upon their arrival.
•  Destroyed some prescription drugs that a person had turned into the police station on Nov. 11.
•  Served a temporary restraining order on a local person on Nov. 11.
•  Responded to a domestic disturbance at a Court Street residence on Nov. 12.
•  Contacted the owner of some dogs that had allegedly been killing chickens in the East Munger Street area on Nov. 12.
•  Confiscated a pellet rifle that an MUHS student had left in his vehicle on Nov. 12. Police turned the rifle over to the student’s parents.
•  Took, to Porter Hospital for evaluation, a Seminary Street resident who had allegedly overdosed on pills on Nov. 13.
•  Were informed of the theft of a student’s bicycle and a duffle bag from Middlebury College campus on Nov. 13.
•  Took a Seminary Street woman into protective custody after she was found to be “extremely” intoxicated and had allegedly attempted to become violent with officers on Nov. 13, according to police. The woman was transferred to the custody of a parent, police said.
•  Euthanized a potentially rabid fox that was acting aggressively in the Rolling Acres neighborhood on Nov. 13.
•  Collected some dirty syringes that had been found in the Washington Street area on Nov. 13.
•  Took, to a local motel, an allegedly intoxicated woman who was in the Clay’s clothing store on Main Street on Nov. 13.
•  Received a report about a homeless person who had allegedly refused to leave the Blue Spruce Motel on Route 7 South when asked on Nov. 13. Police said the person left the motel prior to their arrival.
•  Were informed that a cell phone had been stolen from Middlebury College campus on Nov. 14.
•  Assisted Vermont State Police with a suicidal woman in Leicester on Nov. 14.
•  Assisted a local resident who reported receiving some unwanted text messages on Nov. 14.
•  Served a no-trespass order on Nov. 14 on a woman was not wanted at a Bakery Lane business.
•  Located a Court Street resident on Nov. 14 who had not been heard from in a few days.
•  Responded to a report about an Ilsley Library patron who was refusing to turn his music down on Nov. 14. Library officials told police the man had also been sleeping within the building. The man had left before police arrived.
•  Investigated a report of a man allegedly fondling himself while sitting on a bench on College Street on Nov. 14. The man told police that he had simply been tucking in his shirt.
•  Were informed of the theft of a cell phone and wallet from a vehicle while it was parked near Middlebury College’s Dana Auditorium on Nov. 15.
•  Investigated a report of a white powdery substance found by Middlebury College Public Safety in the South Main Street area on Nov. 15.
•  Assisted the Middlebury Fire Department with a structure fire on Seymour Street on Nov. 15 (see related story).
•  Investigated a report of a vehicle possibly striking a pedestrian in the parking lot of the Hannaford Supermarket on Nov. 15. Police determined that no contact was made between pedestrian and vehicle.
•  Responded on Nov. 15 to the reported theft of some money from Mac’s convenience store on East Main Street on Nov. 15.
•  Served a temporary restraining order on a local man on Nov. 16.
•  Warned a person for violating the town’s open container ordinance in the Adirondack View area on Nov. 16.

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