Kids’ deer count tops 100 over Youth Hunting Weekend

ADDISON COUNTY — Local hunters as young as 8 years old brought 107 deer to be weighed at Addison County reporting stations during Youth Hunting Weekend, Nov. 8 and 9, a total comparable with that in recent years.
In the past four years, the Youth Hunting Weekend take in Addison County has ranged from a low of 95 in 2010 to a high of 124 in 2012.
Youth weekend totals do not always serve as reliable predictors of the final county harvest. Counting bow, muzzleloader and rifle seasons as well as the low youth count, 2010 proved to be the most successful year overall among the past five in Addison County, with 1,021 deer weighed locally.
The 2013 total ended up in the middle of the pack, at 807. In 2012, the final tally stood at 875, and in 2011 at 671. Weather did not cooperate with hunters that fall.
The Independent plans to report the total for the opening weekend of rifle season on Thursday, the complete rifle season total on Dec. 4, and the final bow, muzzleloader, rifle and Youth Hunting Weekend total later in December. Successful hunters will be identified in each article.
Early indications from animals taken so far this fall show the local population appearing to be in good condition.
“They looked like good, healthy deer,” said Vermont Field Sports manager Greg Boglioli.
During Youth Hunting Weekend, the following hunters brought deer to county weigh stations. They are listed by hunter, town of kill, and deer details, either by pounds if a fawn, doe or antlerless buck, or by pounds and points if an antlered buck.
Most individual results from Vermont Field Sports in Middlebury were unavailable because Vermont Wildlife officials collected data there that weekend and took information with them. Boglioli said he hopes to get a full list of those names, which the Independent will then publish in a future article. In the meantime, those youth hunters who had deer weighed there that weekend are welcome to submit their names to the Independent using the email listed at the bottom of this article.
Kirkland Crowley, Fair Haven, 110 pound-4 points; Brett Huntley, Orwell, 121-2; David Cassidy, Benson, 159-5; Gage Slater, Benson, 95-7; Andrew Tenzer, Sudbury, 63 fawn; Caden Capman, Orwell, 133-4; Garrett Dunn, Orwell, 127-5; Andrew Lanpher, Benson, 114 buck; Alexis Matot, Shoreham, 129 buck; Noah Bonvouloir, Orwell, 116-2; Lillian Russell, Orwell, 126-2; Travis Bartholomew, Benson, 125-5; and Jordan Clark, Benson, 129 buck.
Also, Devin Russell, Orwell, 131 buck; Brandon Eastman, Orwell, 135-6; Douglas Hendee, Benson, 125-2; Ethan Pomainville, Shoreham, 105 buck; Zoey Cole, Castleton, 119-2; Dylan D’Avignon, Orwell, 67 fawn; Ian O’Brien, Orwell, 162-2; Victoria Dubois, Orwell, 162-6; Kaitland Breen, Orwell, 77 doe; Nathaniel Quesnel, Shoreham, 113 doe; Nicholas Austin-Neil, Cornwall, 67 fawn; and Owen Loughan, Benson, 145-4.
Also, Robert Cook, Sudbury, 147 doe; Bryce Preseau, Sudbury, 90 doe; Alex Walker, Shoreham, 94 doe; Bentley Eastman, Orwell, 106 doe; Teagan Washburn, Orwell, 148-8; Joseph Connor, Bridport, 66 fawn; and Meghan Connor, Bridport, 105 doe.
Bailee Martin, Lincoln, 119-4; Adam Whitcomb, Bristol, 132-4; Courtnee Cox, Lincoln, 52 fawn; Joe Norton, Lincoln, 53 fawn; and Jacob Thomas, Lincoln, 51 fawn.
Isaac Preston, Panton, 123-4.
Klaas Vorsteveld, Panton, 115 doe; Gabriel Litch, Bridport, 130 doe; Gabe Kadric, Waterbury, 86 doe; Nathan Warren, Bridport, 147 doe; Taylor Sheldrick, Addison, 101 doe; Joshua Hanlon, Ferrisburgh, 120 doe; and Dylan Bradford, Monkton, 114-2.
Wyatt Gendreau, 135-6; Jacob Marro, 122-5; Nolan Whitcomb, 112-3; Ryan Whitcomb, 105-2; Eben Gifford, 70 doe; Hunter Poquette, 108 doe; and Logan Willey, 123 doe. (Towns not available.)
Autumn Germain, Middlebury, 105 doe; Benjamin Huston, Waltham, 65 fawn; Jamee Barnum, Monkton, 72 fawn; Cameron Leavitt, New Haven, 94 doe; Rogan Jackman, Monkton, 116 buck; Bradley Hill, Bristol, 115-3; Johnathan Hill, Bristol, 157 doe; Bailey Smith, Ferrisburgh, 151-4; and Charlotte Layn, Monkton, 136-2.
Alex Barrows, Ferrisburgh, 106 doe; Zachary Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 74 buck; Jay Smits, Bridport, 103 doe; Carter Leggett, Bridport, 118 doe; Ethan Bissonette, Ferrisburgh, 122 doe; Kyle Bartlett, New Haven, 119 buck; Tianna Rivait, Ferrisburgh, 92 doe; Thatcher Trudeau, Salisbury, 132-4; James McEvilla, Shoreham, 150-4; and William Forbes, New Haven, 168-3.
Also, Evan Eaton, Ferrisburgh, 120-3; Sean Danyow, Starksboro, 124 doe; Trevor Hallock, Monkton, 108 doe; Nathan Fillion, Shelburne, 135-6; Trent Paquette, New Haven, 116-2; Samantha Cox, New Haven, 149-7; and Robert Wagner, Starksboro, 58 fawn.
Kenneth Marcelle Jr., New Haven, 131-1; Dustin Whitcomb, Middlebury, 134 buck; Logan Ladeau, Bristol, 116 doe; Tallon Real, New Haven, 144 doe; Parker Hines, Bristol, 54 fawn; Thomas Clark, Middlebury, 133 doe; Carson Fyrell, New Haven, 68 doe; George Bailey, Hinesburg, 134-5; and Colby Lathrop, Lincoln, 117-4.
Daniel Whitney, Brandon, 135 doe; Avery Gale, Cornwall, 130-2; Jonas Schroeder, Bristol, 128 doe; Evan Forbes, Middlebury, 105 doe; and David Many, Lincoln, 85 doe.
Andy Kirkaldy may be reached at [email protected].

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