Opinion: Local man runs for governor as Coffee Party candidate

Many of our nation’s primary industries have been greatly diminished with some almost ceasing to exist. Foreign flags fly triumphantly over countless commercial center structures and prominent, formerly American, factories. Many high-skilled laborers are now employed by foreign-owned corporations.
Our country and markets are flooded with foreign goods while many foreign markets are effectively closed to our products. Great progress has been made in the field of agriculture and yet countless farms have fallen into foreclosure for a fraction of their value.
Wealthy elite have sent their money beyond the reach of our laws. Lawsuits and usurious contracts abound. Our national debts remain undiminished and the interest upon them accumulating. Our credit abroad is nearly extinguished and at home desperately unrestored. Distress and crisis in various forms is fast approaching the doors of even our best citizens.
For most citizens with even a modicum of enlightenment these words speak of a festering condition that in some capacity impacts everyone. However, they have not chosen to elevate the perception to the level of a crisis. Further, what they, and our appointed leaders, are apparently absolutely ignorant of, is the fact that these words were actually originally uttered by John Jay, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, in 1786, yes, seventeen hundred eighty-six.
With the ink barely dry on the treaty of peace with England, our nation, under the Articles of Confederation, had fallen into a desperate state facing virtual economic and political collapse with foreign nation creditors and would-be aggressors constituting a real threat to our very survival.
“Other nations are taking advantage of our imbecility, and we had reached almost the last stage of national humiliation. … This new and wonderful system of government (under the Articles of Confederation) that had left unprovided almost every national object of every kind. With other nations taking advantage of this imbecility, we must end this imbecility now.”
The defects in the federal government under the Articles of Confederation were so severe that an entirely new Constitution would be called for and ultimately realized in Philadelphia in 1787. In order that we should be able to curb intolerable trade restrictions, to protect our industries, our land, our farms, our natural resources from destruction of foreign takeover. “To form such regulations of commerce and trade as may be judged necessary to promote the general interest, to form a more perfect Union and to secure the blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our posterity.”
If we accept our current Constitution as the charter of this nation, then we accept that the conditions that produced that Constitution were an intolerable threat to the nation’s survival. If those conditions were intolerable two centuries ago, then they must be intolerable today. To “voluntarily” permit the return of those conditions and to surrender our very sovereignty is pure treason.
A crisis now threatens our survival as an independent state and American republic. The consequences of this crisis are social, political and economic chaos. The crisis is in the heart and minds of every citizen. It is a crisis of American spirit. We have lost our sense of “Vermont” and our sense of nation. If we cease to act as a state and a nation we shall cease to be a nation.
A four-decade-long national binge of deregulation has effectively nullified the very core principle, motive and cause for our current Constitution wreaking self-inflicted havoc costing trillions of dollars and millions of jobs.
In the “Spirit of ’86,” in the spirit of 1786, when some enlightened citizens declared “an end to the imbecility” and “national humiliation” with the creation of our current Constitution, we shall restore that Constitution to its conceived purpose, break the shackles of reverse colonialism and destroy the cancer of cultural, moral and economic treason.
To commence this revolution, there shall be established the “Strategic Resource Administration” and the “National Sovereignty Act.” This shall all begin with We the People of Vermont. Our state shall pioneer the rebirth of this once great and noble and truly sovereign and independent republic.
The first step is to forbid any elected official from directly soliciting foreign investments — i.e., the imbecility of “taxpayer subsidized” further encroachments upon our sovereignty and resources. Next we shall redefine the function or remove outright the so-called Public Service Board, which, as an unelected, unresponsive, unaccountable agency, in effect acts as the facilitator of foreign encroachment with often irreversible consequences to the state while effectively barring the citizens from any recourse or direct implementive voice.
Details of further programs in my run for governor, on the Coffee Party ticket, to follow.
Rustan Swenson
Candidate for Governor on the Coffee Party Ticket

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