Opinion: What are speed limits for?

My name is Deric Bacon. I live in Middlebury. A lot of you know about the little girl who got hit by a car near Otter Creek Child Center a few months ago. Since then I have been putting the “slow” signs out near the road every day. The OCCC took my picture, did a write-up and put it in the Addison Independent.
Before school ended, I spoke to Officer Mason about how fast the cars go by Otter Creek Child Center. He said he would let the department know. I still put up the “slow” signs every day. Cars go by so fast.
On July 22, while I was putting the “slow” signs out, a car went speeding by. I yelled to him to slow down. I don’t know if he was waving me off or giving me the finger.
When Mom came out of OCCC I told her I want to go to the police station and talk to an officer. When Mom got done work we went to the police station. The dispatcher asks what can she help me with. I explain about the cars speeding by at the Otter Creek Child Center. She said, OK, I’ll let them know. I ask to speak to an officer. She said they were all out on the road. I asked if someone could call me. She said OK, then turned to her computer.
As we were walking out to the car, I said, “Mom, how can she call me? She never asked for our number.” I wrote it down and took it in to her. She thanked me.
On July 23, I went back to the police station at 10:48 a.m. I went inside. The same dispatcher asked what I wanted. I explain again about how fast the cars speed by Otter Creek Child Center. She said, “I know, you told me that yesterday and I told them.”
I ask to speak to an officer. She said they are out and are very busy. I asked if someone could call me. I said OK. As I was leaving I noticed five police cars sitting in the parking lot whereas last night there was none.
I asked mom to call the station and see if I could talk to Officer Mason. The same dispatcher said he is out until next week. So we left a message.
I can’t believe how fast cars speed by OCCC. I talked with Mom about how big the cars/trucks are and how small the kids are at Otter Creek Child Center. I worry so much about how fast the cars go. I have a 2-year-old little brother who doesn’t understand about crossing a road.
All I am asking is please, please slow down. Think about what if it was my child?
Thank you, Officer Mason, for calling me back. They are going to drive by more near Otter Creek Child Center and put up a sign about how fast cars are going.
Please slow down.
Deric Bacon, age 13

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