Local swimmers shine at state meet

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION — The Vergennes and Middlebury summer swim teams both completed their seasons with excellent finishes in the Vermont Swim Association’s state championship meet at the Upper Valley Aquatic Center in White River Junction this past Saturday and Sunday.
Both Addison County teams earned four first-place finishes in individual and relay races. Vergennes, with 1, 307 points, garnered sixth place out of 20 teams; Middlebury was eighth overall with 1,007.5 points.
The meet was dominated by teams from much larger cities. Team champion The Edge Swim Team of Williston easily outdistanced runner-up Town of Essex Swim Team, 3,404 – 2,937. Final team standings after that were Burlington Tennis Club, 2,155.50; Burlington Country Club, 1,474; and the Brattleboro Swim Team, 1,356.50. St. Albans was seventh with 1,052.5 points.
“Vergennes swimmers had a great showing at the state swim meet,” said team representative Julianna Doherty.
The Champs were led by Tucker Stearns, who won two golds in the age 10-and-under events: the 50-yard freestyle in 33.17 and the 25-yard butterfly in 17.53. In the 8-and-under division, Noah Konczal earned the title in the 25-yard breaststroke in 22.80.
The Vergennes quartet of Jeffery Stearns, Max Konczal, Robert Kenfield and Eric Reitz won the 200-yard free relay in the 12-and-under division in 1:59.74. The same foursome won that event at the state championships four years ago when they were 8 years old.
Swimmers from the Middlebury Swim Team also showed some impressive performances. Ten-year-old Thomas Denton won two titles at 10-and-under: the 25-yard breaststroke in 19.62 and the 100-yard individual medley in 1:23.34. Teammate Devon Kearns won the 12-and-under 50-yard freestyle in 27.86.
Max Moulton finished up his successful career with the Middlebury Swim Team winning the 18-and-under 100-yard breaststroke in 1:07.50.
“It was a great meet for Middlebury, and we wrapped up strong!” said Middlebury team representative Tammy Denton.
VERGENNES SWIMMER AMANDA Cook competes in the 12-and-under 50-yard butterfly at last weekend’s Vermont Swim Association state championship in White River Junction.   Photo by Jeff Kaufman/St. Albans Messenger
Individuals and relay teams who placed in the top 18 in their respective events scored points for their team in the overall competition. The Vergennes and Middlebury swimmers who scored points this past weekend were:
•Under-8 25-Yard Freestyle: 10. Meghan Denton, MIDD; 13. Acadia Clark, VERG; 19. Bee Eckels, VERG; 24. Madelyn Giroux, VERG; 48. Channing Brush, MIDD; 50. Siobhan Potter, VERG; 55. Maci Forgues, VERG; 63. Emersyn Brookman, MIDD.
•U-8 25-Yard Backstroke: 8. Giroux, VERG; 9. Clark, VERG; 24. Potter, VERG; 31. Brush, MIDD; 35. Brookman, MIDD.
•U-8 50-Yard Freestyle: 8. Denton, MIDD.
•U-8 25-Yard Breaststroke: 2. Clark, VERG; 6. Denton, MIDD; 19. Giroux, VERG; 28. Brookman, MIDD; 30. Potter, VERG; 41. Forgues, V.
•U-8 25-Yard Butterfly: 7. Bee Eckels, VERG; 15. Denton, MIDD; 22. Brush, MIDD; 28. Forgues, VERG; 30. Brookman, MIDD.
•U-8 100-Yard Freestyle Relay: 8. VERG (Clark, Forgues, Giroux, Eckels).
•U-10 25-Yard Freestyle: 4. Allie Croke, VERG; Ivy Kate Doran, MIDD; 15. Ava Konczal, VERG; 18. Mischa Yurista, MIDD; 24. Carlisle Brush, MIDD; 26. Holly Staats, MIDD; 43. Amanda Kearns, MIDD; 66. Natalie Rockwell, MIDD; 68. Maddy Stowe, MIDD; 80. Sydney Adreon, VERG; 82. Maddie Crowne, MIDD.
•U-10 50-Yard Freestyle: 10. Staats, MIDD; 11. Yurista, MIDD; 28. Katrina Yurista, MIDD; 35. Kearns, MIDD; 53. Maddy Stowe, MIDD; 73. Crowne, MIDD.
•U-10 25-Yard Backstroke: 5. Doran, MIDD; 8. Croke, VERG; 9. Carlisle Brush, MIDD; 23. Yurista, MIDD; 40. Konczal, VERG; 56. Kearns, MIDD; 91. Olivia Brooks, VERG; 94. Crowne, MIDD; 97. Adreon, V.
•U-10 25-Yard Breaststroke: 3. Holly Staats, MIDD; 22. Konczal, VERG; 27. Croke, VERG; 32. Stowe, MIDD; 36. Carlisle Brush, MIDD; 37. Yurista, MIDD; 50. Crowne, MIDD; 54. Natalie Rockwell, MIDD.
•U-10 25-Yard Butterfly: 12. Doran, MIDD; 13. Croke, VERG; 20. K. Yurista, MIDD; 22. M. Yurista, MIDD; 26. Carlisle Brush, MIDD; 33. Amanda Kearns MIDD; 40. Rockwell, MIDD; 45. Adreon, V.
•U-10 100-Yard Individual Medley: 9. Staats, MIDD; 13. Doran, MIDD; 23. K. Yurista, MIDD; 32. Rockwell, MIDD.
•U-10 100-Yard Freestyle Relay: 4. MIDD-A (Staats, Carlisle Brush, M. Yurista, Doran); 15. MIDD-B (K. Yurista, Stowe, Crowne, Kearns); 18. VERG (Konczal, Brooks, Adreon, Croke).
•U-10 100-Yard Medley Relay: 3. MIDD-A (Doran, Staats, M. Yurista, Carlisle Brush); 17. VERG-A (Brooks, Konczal, Croke, Adreon); 19. MIDD-B (Rockwell, K. Yurista, Kearns, Crowne).
•U-12 50-Yard Freestyle: 5. Emily Rooney, VERG; 10. Grace LeBeau, VERG; 13. Leah Croke, VERG; 16. Anna Rakowski, VERG; 20. Jordan Jewell, VERG; 26. Emma Huestis, VERG; 33. Summer Chabot, VERG; 34. Karyn Kenfield, VERG; 37. Sydney Jewell, VERG; 44. Adelaide Brooks, VERG; 52. Rachel Merrill, MIDD.
•U-12 100-Yard Freestyle: 18. Kenfield, V.
•U-12 50-Yard Backstroke: 10. Rakowski, VERG; Kenfield, V.
•U-12 50-Yard Breaststroke: 12. Merrill, MIDD; 15. Emma Beauchemin, VERG; 17. Rakowski, VERG; 20. Huestis; VERG; 26. Jordan Kimball, VERG; 38. S. Jewell, VERG; 46 Brooks V.
•U-12 50-Yard Butterfly: 3. Rooney, VERG; 12. Rakowski, VERG; 14. Beauchemin, VERG; 15. LeBeau, VERG; 24. Huestis, VERG; 26. S. Jewell, VERG; 28. Merrill, MIDD; 41. Amanda Cook, V.
•U-12 100-Yard Individual Medley: 4. Rooney, VERG; 10. L. Croke, VERG; 14. Beauchemin, VERG; 17. LeBeau, VERG; 19. Merrill, MIDD; 30. Kenfield, V.
•U-12 200-Yard Freestyle: 7. L. Croke, VERG; 12. Beauchemin, V.
•U-12 100-Yard Backstroke: 3. Rooney, VERG; 8. L. Croke, V.
•U-12 100-Yard Breaststroke: 16. LeBeau, VERG; 20. Kimball, V.
•U-12 200-Yard Free Relay: 4. VERG-A (LeBeau, Beauchemin, Rakowski, Rooney); 9. VERG-B (Kenfield, J. Jewell, S. Jewell, Huestis).
•U-12 200-Yard Medley Relay: 5. VERG-A (Rooney, L. Croke, Rakowski, LeBeau); 9. VERG-B (Kenfield, Kimball, Beauchemin, Huestis); 13. VERG-C (J. Jewell, Brooks, S. Jewell,  Chabot).
•U-14 50-Yard Freestyle: 25. Sarah Rathbun, VERG; 38. Sadie Kass, V.
•U-14 100-Yard Freestyle: 9. Rathbun, V.
•U-14 200-Yard Freestyle: 8. Olivia Hawkins, V.
•U-14 50-Yard Breaststroke: 7. Hawkins, VERG; 14. Sadie Kass, V.
•U-14 100-Yard Breaststroke: 8. Hawkins, VERG; 10. Kass, V.
•U-14 50-Yard Butterfly: 22. Rathbun, V.
•U-14 100-Yard Individual Medley: 14. Hawkins, V.
•U-14 200-Yard Freestyle Relay: 12. VERG-A (Hawkins, Richmond Rathbun, Kass, S. Rathbun).
•U-14 200-Yard Medley Relay: 12. VERG-A (Hawkins, Kass, S. Rathbun, R. Rathbun).
•U-16 50-Yard Freestyle: 2. Courtney White, MIDD; 9. Kess Moulton, MIDD; 14. Sophie Rippner-Donovan, VERG; 16. Harper Smith, MIDD.
•U-16 100-Yard Freestyle: 2. White, MIDD; 9. Moulton, MIDD.
•U-16 200-Yard Freestyle: 10. Alyse Beauchemin, V.
•U-16 50-Yard Backstroke: 11. Smith, MIDD.
•U-16 50-Yard Breaststroke: 9. Harriet Milligan, MIDD; 10. Kess Moulton, MIDD.
•U-16 100-Yard Breaststroke: 6. Milligan, MIDD.
•U-16: 50-Yard Butterfly: 3. White,  MIDD; 9. Kess Moulton, MIDD; 14. Calista Carl, MIDD; 17. Harper Smith, MIDD; 18. Sophie Rippner-Donovan, VERG; 19. A. Beauchemin, V.
•U-16 100-Yard Butterfly: 13. A. Beauchemin, V.
•U-16 200-Yard Individual Medley: 9. Milligan, MIDD.
•U-18 50-Yard Freestyle: 10. Samara Sausville, VERG; 22. Allyson Stearns, V.
•U-18 100-Yard Freestyle: 8. Sausville, VERG; 14. Allyson Stearns, V.
•U-18 50-Yard Breaststroke: 7. Sausville, VERG; 9. Allyson Stearns, V.
•U-18 50-Yard Butterfly: 10. Sausville.
•U-18 200-Yard Freestyle Relay: 10. MIDD-A (Moulton, Milligan, Carl, White); 13. VERG-A (A. Beauchemin, Allyson Stearns, Rippner-Donovan, Sausville).
•U-18 200-Yard Medley Relay: 8. MIDD-A (Smith, Milligan, Moulton, White); 12. VERG-A (A. Beauchemin, Allyson Stearns, Sausville, Rippner-Donovan).
•Open 500-Yard Freestyle: 4. White, MIDD; 12. Sophie Rippner-Donovan, VERG; 15. Milligan, MIDD.
•U-6 25-Yard Freestyle: 2. Will Clark, V.
•U-6 25-Yard Backstroke: 3. Clark, V.
•U-8 25-Yard Freestyle: 8. Noah Konczal, VERG; 18. Ethan Croke, VERG; 19. Connor McNamara, MIDD; 23. Patrick Stone, MIDD; 33. Dylan Stowe, MIDD; 43. Tyler Kimball, V.
•U-8 25-Yard Backstroke: 6. Calder Rakowski, VERG; 7. E. Croke, VERG; 9. Stone, MIDD; 35. Stowe, MIDD.
•U-8 50-Yard Freestyle: 16. E. Croke, V.
•U-8 25-Yard Breaststroke: 1. N. Konczal, VERG, 22.80; 12. Kimball, VERG; 13. Connor McNamara, MIDD; 17. Clark V.
•U-8 25-Yard Butterfly: 7. N. Konczal, V.
•U-8 100-Yard Individual Medley: 3. C. Rakowski, VERG; 4. N,. Konczal, V.
•U-8 100-Yard Freestyle Relay: 4. VERG-A (E. Croke, Clark, C. Rakowski, N. Konczal).
•U-8 100-Yard Medley Relay: 2. VERG-A (C. Rakowski, Kimball, N. Konczal, E. Croke).
•U-10 25-Yard Freestyle: 3. Thomas Denton, MIDD; 7. Tucker Stearns, VERG; 15. Carson Hoffmann, VERG; 16. Adam Clark, VERG; 17. Lucius Karki, VERG; 44. Nate Muzzy, VERG; 46. Sam Crawford, V.
•U-10 50-Yard Freestyle: 1. Tucker Stearns, VERG, 33.17; 21. Ian Henderson, VERG; 32. Muzzy, VERG; 42. Sam Crawford, V.
•U-10 25-Yard Backstroke: 8. Karki, VERG; 16. Henderson, VERG; 21. A. Clark, VERG; 39. Crawford, V.
•U-10 25-Yard Breaststroke: 1. T. Denton, MIDD, 19.62; 2. T. Stearns, VERG; 10. Hoffmann, VERG; 13. A. Clark, VERG; 17. Muzzy, VERG; 18. Henderson, VERG; 21. Crawford, V.
•U-10 25-Yard Butterfly: 1. T. Stearns, VERG, 17.53; 4. T. Denton, MIDD; 21. Henderson, VERG;
•U-10 100-Yard Individual Medley: 1. T. Denton, MIDD, 1:23.34; 7. Clark, V.
•U-10 100-Yard Freestyle Relay: 4. VERG-A (Henderson, Clark, Karki, T. Stearns).
•U-10 100-Yard Medley Relay: 2. VERG-A (Karki, Clark, T. Stearns, Hoffmann).
•U-12 50-Yard Freestyle: 1. Devon Kearns, MIDD, 27.86; 5. Robert Kenfield VERG; 6. Jeffrey Stearns, VERG; 8. Erich Reitz, VERG; 10. Fraser Milligan, MIDD; 12. Spencer Doran, MIDD; 13. Jarret Muzzy, VERG; 19. Nathan Stone, MIDD; 20. Max Konczal, VERG; 24. Levi Ryan, MIDD;
•U-12 100-Yard Freestyle: 4. D. Kearns, MIDD; 5. Jeffrey Stearns, VERG; 6. R. Kenfield, VERG; 10. Reitz, VERG; 11. N. Stone, MIDD; 12. Will Carpenter, MIDD; 17. J. Muzzy, VERG; 21. Ryan, MIDD.
•U-12 50-Yard Backstroke: 4. S. Doran, MIDD; 8. Carpenter, MIDD; 9. Reitz, VERG; 13. Ryan, MIDD.
•U-12 50-Yard Breaststroke: 2. D. Kearns, MIDD; 3. J. Stearns, VERG; 7. R. Kenfield, VERG; 12. M. Konczal, VERG; 19. William Crawford, V.
•U-12 50-Yard Butterfly: 3. D. Kearns, MIDD; 5. J. Stearns, VERG; 6. R. Kenfield, VERG; 7. Carpenter, MIDD; 8. S. Doran, MIDD; 10. N. Stone, MIDD.
•U-12 100-Yard Individual Medley: 6. F. Milligan, MIDD; 7. N. Stone, MIDD; 11. Reitz, V.
•U-12 100-Yard Breaststroke: 2. F. Milligan, MIDD; 7. Carpenter, MIDD; 11. M. Konczal, VERG; 12. W. Crawford, V.
•U-12 200-Yard Free Relay: 1. VERG-A, 1:59.74 (J. Stearns, M. Konczal, Reitz, R. Kenfield); 3. MIDD-A (Carpenter, N. Stone, S. Doran, D. Kearns).
•U-12 200-Yard Medley Relay: 2. VERG-A (Reitz, M. Konczal, J. Stearns, R. Kenfield); 3. MIDD-A (S. Doran, F. Milligan, N. Stone, D. Kearns)
•U-14 50-Yard Freestyle: 10. Ethan Sausville, VERG; 14. Zeke Palmer, VERG; 17. Brody King, VERG; 20. Jacob Brookman, MIDD; 21. Archie Milligan, MIDD.
•U-14 50-Yard Backstroke: 9. Palmer, VERG; 10. A. Milligan, MIDD; 11. Julian Schmitt, MIDD; 14 J. Brookman, MIDD.
•U-14 100-Yard Backstroke: 7. A. Milligan, MIDD.
•U-14 50-Yard Breaststroke: 7. Schmitt, MIDD; 11. Palmer, V.
•U-14 50-Yard Butterfly: 7. E. Sausville, VERG; 14. J. Brookman, MIDD; 15. King, V.
•U-14 100-Yard Butterfly: 5. E. Sausville, V.
•U-14 100-Yard Individual Medley: 6. E. Sausville, VERG; 9. Schmitt, MIDD; 10. J. Brookman, MIDD.
•U-14 200-Yard Free Relay: 5. VERG-A (Palmer, J. Muzzy, King, E. Sausville); 6. MIDD-A (A. Milligan, Schmitt, F. Milligan, J. Brookman).
•U-14 200-Yard Medley Relay: 6.VERG-A (Palmer, Crawford, E. Sausville, King); 7. MIDD-A (A. Milligan, Schmitt, J. Brookman, Ryan).
•U-16 50-Yard Freestyle: 8. Silas Mullin, V.
•U-16 100-Yard Freestyle: 6. Max Ratti-Bicknell, VERG; 12. Mullin, V.
•U-16 200-Yard Freestyle: 3. Ratti-Bicknell, VERG; 6. Silas Mullin, V.
•U-16 100-Yard Backstroke: 4. Ratti-Bicknell, V.
•U-16 50-Yard Breaststroke: 8. Mullin, V.
•U-18: 50-Yard Freestyle: 4. Max Moulton, MIDD; 9. Nick Merrill, MIDD; 10. Sam Ferguson, MIDD.
•U-18 100-Yard Freestyle: 3. M. Moulton, MIDD; 7. Ferguson, MIDD.
•U-18 200-Yard Freestyle: 2. N. Merrill, MIDD.
•U-18 50-Yard Breaststroke: 2. M. Moulton, MIDD.
•U-18 100-Yard Breaststroke: 1. M. Moulton, MIDD, 1:07.50.
•U-18 50-Yard Butterfly: 5. N. Merrill, MIDD, 8. Ferguson, MIDD.
•U-18 100-Yard Butterfly: 4. Ferguson, MIDD.
• Open 500-Yard Freestyle: 2. N. Merrill, MIDD; 6. A. Milligan, MIDD; 7. Ratti-Bicknell, VERG; 10. F. Milligan, MIDD.

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