Panthers accept forfeit, then prevail in the pool

MIDDLEBURY — The Middlebury Panthers defeated visiting Burlington Country Club in and out of the pool on Tuesday to pick up their second Champlain Valley Swim League win of the season.
According to a Middlebury official, BCC failed to provide the required number of officials for the meet, and the result was declared a forfeit before the teams hit the water. However, the Panthers then made the point moot by outpointing their visitors, 212-180.
Leading the way at the Middlebury Recreation Park pool for the home team were Panther triple winners Thomas Denton and Devon Kearns, while Ivy Kate Doran, Nick Merrill and Max Moulton won two races apiece. The Panthers also won 10 of 18 relay events, gaining a 14-point edge there. 
Earning points for the Panthers with individual top-three finishes were:
•U-8 girls: 3. Ella Tucker.
•U-8 boys: 1. Dylan Stowe, 30.47.
•U-10 girls: 1. Nora Wootten, 18.31; 2. Katrina Yurista.
•U-10 boys: 1. Denton, 17.62; 2. Aidan Chance.
•U-12 girls: 3. Ellie Ross.
•U-12 boys: 1. Kearns, 35.59; 2. Oliver Poduschnick.
•U-14 girls: 1. Annie Bolton, 33.50.
•U-14 boys: 3. Jacob Brookman, 36.69.
•U-18 girls: 2. Courtney White; 3. Kess Moulton.
•U-18 boys: 1. Nick Merrill, 28.34; 2. M. Moulton.
•U-8 girls: 3. Meghan Denton.
•U-8 boys: 1. Camden Whitlock, 27.79; 2. Sam Wootten.
•U-10 girls: 1. Doran, 20.00; 2. Mischa Yurista.
•U-10 boys: 3. Chance.
•U-12 girls: 3. Izzie Olson.
•U-12 boys: 1. Will Carpenter, 38.06; 2. Spencer Doran.
•U-14 girls: 3. Ciara Eagan.
•U-14 boys: 1. Archie Milligan; 2. Brookman.
•U-18 girls: 2. White.
•U-18 boys: 1. Merrill, 32.13; 2. Sam Ferguson.
•U-8 girls: 2. Tucker; 3. M. Denton.
•U-8 boys: 2. Connor McNamara.
•U-10 girls: 2. Holly Staats; 3. N. Wootten.
•U-10 boys: 1. T. Denton, 19.93.
•U-12 girls: 1. Ross, 38.65; 2. Mary Ann Eastman.
•U-12 boys: 1. Kearns, 39.63; 3. Charlie Hodson.
•U-14 girls: 3. Bolton.
•U-14 boys: 2. Julian Schmitt.
•U-18 girls: 2. Reubie Bolton; 3. Harriet Milligan.
•U-18 boys: 1. M. Moulton, 34.50; 2. Ferguson.
•U-8 girls: 3. M. Denton.
•U-8 boys: 2. Stowe; 3. S. Wootten.
•U-10 girls: 1. I. Doran, 15.60; 3. N. Wootten.
•U-10 boys: 1. T. Denton, 15.72.
•U-12 girls: 1. Eastman, 29.08; 3. Ross.
•U-12 boys: 1. Kearns, 30.61; 2. Poduschnick.
•U-14 girls: 3. A. Bolton.
•U-14 boys: 3. Schmitt.
•U-18 girls: 1. White, 26.93; 3. K. Moulton.
•U-18 boys: 1. M. Moulton, 25.50; 2. Merrill. 

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