Edge powers past Vergennes Champs

VERGENNES — Champlain Valley Swim League power Racquet’s Edge cruised to a 345-111 victory over the host Vergennes Champs on Tuesday in a meet that was shortened to allow the swimmers to participate in time trials.
Only two free relay races were swum, and in all the Edge won 10 of 12 contested relays.
Winning races for the Champs were Frances Eckels, Acadia Clark, Noah Konczal, Tucker Stearns, Jeffrey Stearns, Parker Kayhart and Carlyn Rapoport.
Earning points for the Champs with individual top-three finishes were:
•U-8 girls: 1. Eckels, 24.65.
•U-8 boys: 2. Konczal.
•U-10 girls: 3. Sydney Adreon.
•U-10 boys: 3. Sam Crawford.
•U-12 girls: 3. Anna Rakowski.
•U-12 boys: 3. J. Stearns.
•U-14 girls: 3. Olivia Hawkins.
•U-14 boys: 3. Brody King.
•U-18 girls: 3. Sophie Rippner-Donovan.
•U-18 boys: 3. Silas Mullin.
•U-8 girls: 3. Clark.
•U-8 boys: 1. Kayhart, 24.81.
•U-10 girls: 3. Elizabeth Stevens.
•U-10 boys: 3. Lucius Karki.
•U-12 girls: 3. Rakowski.
•U-12 boys: 3. Erich Reitz.
•U-14 girls: 3. Kristin DeGraaf.
•U-14 boys: 2. King; 3. Dylan Rapoport.
•U-18 boys: 3. Max Ratti-Bicknell.
•U-8 girls: 1. Clark, 25.00; 3. C. Rapoport.
•U-8 boys: 1. Konczal, 23.50; 3. Calder Rakowski.
•U-10 girls: 2. Stevens.
•U-10 boys: 1. Tucker Stearns, 21.06; 2. Adam Clark.
•U-12 girls: 3. Grace LeBeau.
•U-12 boys: 1. J. Stearns, 42.46; 2. Max Konczal.
•U-14 girls: 2. Hawkins; 3. Sadie Kass.
•U-14 boys: 2. D. Rapoport.
•U-18 girls: 3. Rippner-Donovan.
•U-18 boys: 3. Ratti-Bicknell.
•U-8 girls: 1. C. Rapoport, 19.72; 3. Eckels.
•U-8 boys: 2. Kayhart; 3. Konczal.
•U-10 girls: 2. Ava Konczal; 3. Grace Harvey.
•U-10 boys: 2. Tucker Stearns.
•U-12 girls: 3. LeBeau.
•U-12 boys: 3. J. Stearns.
•U-14 girls: 3. Hawkins.
•U-14 boys: 2. King.
•U-18 girls: 3. Rippner-Donovan.
•U-18 boys: 3. Mullin.

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