Bristol Police Log: Cops see busy April

BRISTOL — In a log issued last week, Bristol police report that on April 27 they arrested Jonah S. Kleinfeldt, 39, of Bristol on an outstanding warrant issued by the Vermont Department of Corrections for a probation violation. Police pulled over a minivan registered to Kleinfeldt and found him hiding in the back of the vehicle in an attempt to avoid discovery.
In other activity in April, Bristol police:
•  On April 1 investigated a missing pink iPhone in the downtown area, possible at the National Bank of Middlebury, but were unable to locate it.
•  On April 1 at 9:30 p.m. received a report from a resident that her daughter had not returned from the library. The girl returned home at 10:15 p.m., and officers spoke with her about her actions.
•  On April 2 responded to Route 116 South to direct traffic around a Brown’s Welding truck that had broken down in the road.
•  On April 2 a resident asked police to issue a no trespass notice against her sister, after her sister had placed a no trespass notice against her. After speaking with police, the resident withdrew her trespass notice request.
•  On April 2 arrested town resident Jackie Gorton, 38, for failing to appear in court to answer to a driving with a suspended license charge.
•  On April 3 received a relief from abuse order to deliver to a Bristol resident, but discovered the man was in prison.
•  On April 3 assisted Vermont State Police search a vehicle at a traffic stop in New Haven that resulted in an arrest.
•  On April 5 helped a resident park vehicles for an event on Pleasant Street.
•  On April 5 conducted a patrol on Monkton Road and issued one ticket and four warnings.
•  On April 5 issued a motorist a ticket for possession of marijuana.
•  On April 5 responded to the area of Lincoln Gap Road for a suspicious vehicle pulling into driveways. Police said the vehicle fled when they came upon the scene, and they were unable to locate it.
• On April 6 a resident turned in keys that had been located in a bag of a person who had moved out of the area. The keys appeared to be from newer cars. Police could not determine if, when or where the keys were stolen from and the owner of the keys was found to be imprisoned in another state.
•  On April 6 patrolled Lincoln Road and Briggs Hill, and observed no violations.
•  On April 7 received a call from the Counseling Service of Addison County (CSAC) reporting a missing Bristol man. He was last seen April 6, and police were unable to find him downtown. The man was later located or returned home.
•  On April 7 fingerprinted a Bristol business owner for licensing purposes.
•  On April 7 responded to a report of suspicious teens causing problems in front of the Laundromat. The youths had left before police arrived.
•  On April 7 checked the residence status of three area sex offenders as part of a quarterly inspection.
•  On April 7 mediated a dispute between two neighbors at the Kountry Trailer Park.
•  On April 9 completed a vehicle identification number verification on a commercial vehicle for a business.
•  On April 9 assisted a woman install a car seat for her two-year-old son.
•  On April 9 patrolled Monkton Road and issued one speeding ticket.
•  On April 10 assisted VSP in cooling a dispute between neighbors on Lower Notch Road, one of whom was reported to be drunk and had fired several rounds from a rifle. Police arrested the shooter.
•  On April 10 responded to a disturbance on South Street, where police learned an ex-boyfriend came to visit one of the residents to discuss their relationship. Family members on the scene protested the contact and attempted to stop the ex-boyfriend and resident from conversing, prompting the police call. Police issued the boyfriend a no-trespass notice.
•  On April 10 an officer attended a training at the state police academy on responses to school bullying.
•  On April 10 patrolled Hardscrabble Road, but observed no violations.
•  On April 10 patrolled Monkton Road and issued one ticket.
•  On April 11 responded to Mount Abraham Union High School for a disruptive student. School officials called the parents of the 14-year-old boy, who came to the school and picked up their son without incident.
•  On April 11 while on patrol observed a man driving his girlfriend’s car while having a civilly suspended license. Police pulled the vehicle over in the high school parking lot and cited the driver.
•  On April 11 responded to a report that a man was going door to door at the Kountry Trailer Park, but police were unable to locate him.
•  On April 11 checked a report of an open front door at a town property, and discovered the property had been abandoned some time ago.
•  On April 11 arrested Tory L. Palmer, 37, of Middlebury, for driving under the influence (DUI). While on patrol, police observed Palmer driving a vehicle with an expired inspection sticker and pulled him over on Stoney Hill Road. During the stop, Palmer said he had been drinking and police observed symptoms of intoxication. Palmer was arrested and police later determined his blood alcohol content to be 0.088, higher than the legal limit of 0.08.
•  On April 12 at 3:44 a.m. responded to a report of an unknown man running back and forth across the roadway. The caller said the man then got into a grey vehicle and drove down Drake Smith Road, where the caller lost sight of the man. Police were unable to locate the man or vehicle.
•  On April 12 received a report of a gas drive off at Maplefields. Police located the driver at Cubber’s, and he said his card didn’t work and that he’d forgotten to pay. Police accompanied the man back to the store, where he paid the $5.
•  On April 12 responded to a Cold Spring residence at the request of state police, where a woman told police a man had visited her home and attempted to sell her a security system. The woman said the man was in his early 20s, well-dressed, short, skinny and had dark hair. Furthermore, the resident said the man had a basket of potato chips that he offered to her as he had her walk backward into her home. She said she didn’t recognize the man from being from the area, and that he did not have a nametag.
•  On April 14 received a debit card and AARP identification card belonging to a Starksboro woman that had been found on the MAUHS track. Police mailed the items back to her.
•  On April 16 responded to Bristol Elementary School for two out of control students. Police escorted the children and their parents to ACCESS in Middlebury for screening.
•  On April 16 an officer attended training for Clandestine Lab Awareness for First Responders at the Addison County Sheriff’s Department.
•  On April 17 responded to multiple 911 hang ups at Bristol Internal Medicine and determined that the calls were likely due to a flaw in the automated phone system.
•  On April 17 attended a meeting with officials from MAUHS and other support personnel about a teen with attendance issues.
•  On April 17 were on hand at Bristol Internal Medicine for a potentially disruptive patient, but no problems were encountered.
•  On April 18 responded to the Hub skatepark for a 13-year-old who had broken his leg. Officers comforted the teen until medical personnel arrived.
•  On April 18 cited a resident for possession of marijuana at a traffic stop on Burpee Road, with the help of a K9 unit.
•  On April 18 cited Dorothy Strauss Hutchinson, 53, of Sudbury, Mass., for DUI. Police pulled her vehicle over after she was drifting into the oncoming lane, speeding and failing to signal. At the stop, Hutchinson said she’s been drinking wine. Police determined to have a BAC of 0.082.
•  On April 18 pulled a motorist over for having a busted tail light and no front license plate. Police also cited the teenage girl for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.
•  On April 19 completed a patrol that resulted in one speeding ticket, three warnings, one citation for possession of marijuana, and one arrest for DUI.
•  On April 19 investigated reported suspicious activity at Bartlett Falls, but found no one there.
•  On April 20 assisted in hiding Easter eggs for the annual Easter egg hunt in the park. During the hiding, an officer found and disposed a hypodermic needle.
•  On April 21 conducted a patrol of Monkton Road and issued one speeding ticket.
•  On April 21 an officer removed used needles located by a Ripton man near the intersection of Lincoln Road and Briggs Hill.
•  On April 21 responded to an alarm at the Bristol Police Department office, which they determined had been accidentally set off by a citizen.
•  On April 21 received a report from a man who said that his rear window was vandalized while parked in the Rite-Aid parking lot. No suspects were identified.
•  On April 21 issued a warning to a West Pleasant Street resident for excessive noise.
•  On April 22 an officer attended training on interrogation techniques.
•  On April 22 responded to Maplefields for a reported gas drive off. After reviewing the security footage, police determined the vehicle to be a blue late-model Volvo sedan, but could not read the license plates.
•  On April 23 patrolled Monkton Road and observed no violations.
•  On April 23 tried to serve a temporary relief from abuse order to a Bristol man working at a job site on West Street, but he wasn’t there.
•  On April 23 posted flyers along Main Street and on car windshields reminding residents about scheduled street cleaning on April 25.
•  On April 23 Chief Gibbs spoke to a group of children at the library about how policing in Bristol differs from policing in New York City.
•  On April 24 a resident reported receiving a fraudulent check over the mail related to a purchase on Craigslist.
•  On April 24 responded to an alarm activation at the town offices, and discovered the recreation committee had accidentally set it off.
•  On April 25 took a report from a woman who reported that someone had accessed her AT&T account and shut down her cell phones. Police advised her to talk to her service provider and state police.
•  On April 25 returned a stray dog to its owner and warned the owner for having three unregistered dogs.
•  On April 25 responded to Adirondack View where youths had started a fire outside and let it burn unsupervised. Police told the youths to put out the fire, and spoke to their parents about the incident.
•  On April 25 received a lost wallet from a citizen and returned it to its owner.
•  On April 26 gave a girl stranded in the village a ride to her grandmother’s home on Upper Meehan Road in Starksboro.
•  On April 26 conducted a foot patrol on Main Street without incident.
•  On April 27 assisted a detective from the Addison County Unit for Special Investigations in executing a search warrant at a residence on Rockydale Road.
•  On April 27 arrested Bristol resident Jonah S. Kleinfeldt, 39, for ATM fraud. Police said Kleinfeldt placed an empty envelope in the ATM at the National Bank of Middlebury but entered a deposit of $160. He then withdrew the $160, even though the actual amount in the account was less than $1.
•  On April 27 responded to a two-vehicle crash on North Street and Prince Lane. Police determined a vehicle exiting Prince Lane had pulled out in front of a car driving on North Street. There were no injuries, and police issued no citations.
•  On April 28 at the request of two parents an officer met with children at their home and discussed the consequences of poor choices, including stealing and vandalism.
•  On April 29 received a call from Kountry Trailer Park that people were racing vehicles. Multiple residents told police that vehicles were driving at high rates of speed, and police obtained descriptions of vehicles and one plate number. The investigation is ongoing.

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