Opinion: Middlebury College should oppose gas pipeline project

I arrived too late to get a seat in the hall at the greenwashing festival at Middlebury College last week, and decided my time was better spent at home working on my PSB testimony than watching the show on TV in the Grille.
I hear everyone felt very good about themselves right up until the end, when my neighbor, a college alumnus, was forcibly ejected from the hall for having the temerity to hold up a sign indicating that putting in new 100 year-lifespan fossil fuel infrastructure might not be a particularly “green” decision at this point in our history. I understand the governor, who didn’t want a pipeline in his backyard when it was proposed in the 1980s, kept quiet.
The college has also been remarkably silent about the pipeline issue, one suspects because they need the related biogas spur to put into their carbon-neutrality spreadsheets. Every time you pass the construction site on Route 30, where workers spent the frigid winter pouring concrete and welding together the bones of a huge new playground for the children of the upper class, you can understand how important carbon-neutrality is to making everyone feel better. Who’s picking up the next round of carbon indulgences?
One might think Bill McKibben would divest himself of the college in light of all this. Unfortunately, all of us, myself included, have a hard time un-buttering our bread. I think we are obliged to try harder though.
Raph Worrick

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