County’s final deer kill decreases as muzzleloader and bow counts drop

ADDISON COUNTY — Relatively low numbers for fall and December archery and muzzleloader deer seasons left the overall 2013 Addison County hunting success rate short of that in most recent years.
The total number of deer weighed at the county’s nine weigh stations ended at 807, down by almost 8 percent from last year’s total of 875.
The breakdown for this year was:
•  Bow season: 132.
•  Youth Hunting Weekend: 109.
•  Rifle season: 421.
•  Muzzleloader season: 145.
The youth weekend and rifle numbers were roughly comparable to the 124 and 405 deer taken, respectively, in 2012.
But in 2012 the combined bow and muzzleloader numbers stood at 346, compared to 277 this year.
In the past five years, only 2011 produced lower overall results than this year, although the 2013 rifle total is in the middle of the pack: 
•  In 2011, the least successful recent year for area hunters, the four-season total stood at 671 (329 rifle, 110 youth, 232 bow/muzzleloader)
•  In 2010, 1,021 deer were weighed locally (428 rifle, 95 youth weekend, 498 bow/muzzleloader).
•  In 2009, the number stood at 840 (301 rifle, 91 youth, 448 bow/muzzleloader).
•  In 2008, the most productive overall year in recent memory, the final count stood at 1,026.
Department of Fish and Wildlife officials and local weigh station operators cited several factors — weather being a major one — for 2013’s lower bow and muzzleloader numbers.
Lead Vermont deer biologist Adam Murkowski said during bow season plentiful food and warm weather meant deer could hunker down more than is typical — they weren’t moving around to be seen by hunters.
“Deer movement … wasn’t as consistent as it usually is,” he said.
Weigh station operators said the weather also didn’t cooperate during the nine-day muzzleloader season. Its first weekend was marked by frigid temperatures that kept some hunters on the sidelines, and a major storm struck during the second weekend.
Murkowski cited another factor. Addison County, he said, is an area in which the state is trying to encourage growth in the deer herd. Therefore, wildlife officials granted fewer antlerless deer permits to local hunters, he said.
“We think we can allow more deer in the (area),” Murkowski said.  
Also, in Addison County the average weight of a buck taken in rifle season dropped this year to about 141 pounds, down from 146 pounds, more than 3 percent, from 2012, and from 144 pounds in 2011.
The average weight had dipped down to 139 in 2010 after a tough winter, and the average in both 2008 and 2009 was 141 pounds.
State officials had expected to see a continued upward trend in rifle season weights after the adoption of a ban on shooting antlerless bucks several years ago. Murkowski attributed this year’s drop to scarce food in the fall of 2012.
“We expected to see a decline in the physical condition of our deer,” he said.
Due to plentiful food this fall, Murkowski said he expects weights to bounce back in 2014. He also said late last week that early reports from the 2013 rifle season look promising; wildlife officials were collecting them last week and hoped to have an announcement by the end of this week.
“What we hear from hunters is they had a good year … at least during the rifle season,” he said.
The following hunters had success during archery or muzzleloader seasons and had their deer weighed at one of the county’s nine reporting stations: Buxton’s Store in Orwell, Vermont Field Sports in Middlebury, Village Green Market in New Haven, the Lincoln General Store, the West Addison General Store, C&S Hunting Supply in East Middlebury, the Jerusalem Corner Country Store in Starksboro, and Green Mountain Trails End LLC in Bristol.
They are listed by name, town of kill, weight and gender of deer, and by pounds and points if they are antlered bucks.
BOW (22)
Bruce Perlee, New Haven, buck 114-8; Kyle Kayhart, New Haven, buck 115-3; Lemuel Parker, Shoreham, 70-2; Sterling Pelsue, Ferrisburgh, 80 doe; Eugene Van Sternburg, Monkton, 106 doe; Shawn Freegard, Shelburne, 114 doe; Shaw Kipp, Ferrisburgh, 137-6; Derek Whitcomb, New Haven, 130-5; Mark Deering, Cornwall, 152-5; and Shawn Lacey, Williston, 116-5.
Also, Kevin Kayhart, Waltham, 122 doe; Seth Gebo, Ferrisburgh, 100 doe; Jason Twenge, Charlotte, 110 doe; Matt Leonard, Ferrisburgh, 160-6; Joshua Rochon, Monkton, 99 doe; Kyle Delphia, Middlebury, 133 doe; Skylar Silloway, Shelburne, 47 fawn; Miles Shorey, Ferrisburgh, 140 doe; Christopher Allen, Lincoln, 92 doe; Lucas Smith, New Haven, 127 doe; Bruce Perlee, New Haven, 100 doe; Michael Brennan, New Haven, 82 doe; and Bryan Ashley-Selleck, Weybridge, 100-pound doe.
Judson Larocque, Orwell, 115 doe; Michael Jerome, Poultney, 142 doe; Michael Hurlburt, Monkton, 166-8; Charles Rockwell, 138 doe; Cale Pelland, Bristol, 100 doe; Ray Davis Jr., New Haven, 110 doe; Jeffrey Fortune, Cornwall, 138 doe; Curt Steady, Salisbury, 138-4; Andrea Wernhoff, Addison, 125 buck; Peter Funk, Benson, 132 doe; and Charlie Hahn, Milton, 109 doe.
Also, Christopher Crane, Addison, 130 doe; Randy Butler, New Haven, 117 doe; Stephen Davis, Bridport, 80 doe; Jackie Rivers, Ferrisburgh, 125 doe; Robert Cota, Monkton, 140 doe; Ambrose Cousino, New Haven, 87 doe; Leon DeMers, Benson, 100 doe; David Gagnon, Benson, 100 doe; Dean Gilmore, New Haven, 151-8; Peter Fenn, Charlotte, 127 doe; Peter Norris, New Haven, 122 doe; Paul Bodington, Starksboro, 97-4; Douglas Therrien, Charlotte, 132-4; Ryan Cornellier, Monkton, 127 doe; Eric Bingham, Middlebury, 160-4; Bryan Ashley-Selleck, St. George, 130-5; and Bryan Ashley-Selleck Jr., Brandon, 131 doe.
BOW (16)
Brian Baillargeon, Lincoln, 90 doe and 125 doe, Marcie Francis, Fayston, 123 doe, Warren, 151 doe, and Warren, 170 doe; Carla Jimmo, Grand Isle, 108 doe; Adam Thomas, Lincoln, 60 fawn, Adam Whitcomb, Starksboro, 92 doe; Anthony Porter, Starksboro, 105 doe; Roland Haskins, Huntington, 175-8; Chad Phillips, Huntington, 122 doe; Matthew Norris, New Haven, 166-6; David Cavoretto, Lincoln, 110 doe; Gabriel Meader, Starksboro, 70 doe; and Timothy Jimmo, Starksboro, 120 doe.
Craig Shepard, Starksboro, 105 doe; Patrick Hendee, Starksboro, 98 doe; Cale Roberge, Starksboro, 130 doe; Jack Gingras, Starksboro, 115-5; Brian Stokes, Hinesburg, 102 doe; Clinton Alger, Huntington, 133-5; Edward Lafayette, Lincoln, doe; Joshua Kramer, Huntington, 118 doe; Frank Stanley, Monkton, 118-6; Kevin Haskins, Starksboro, 150 doe; Daniel Bromley, Richmond, 135-6; Austin Lafayette, Pittsford, 118 doe; and Mark Whitcomb, Starksboro, 113 doe.
Also, Bradley Stokes, Hinesburg, 125 doe; Anthony Porter, Monkton, 75 doe; Matthew Norris, New Haven, 120 doe; Heidi Vincent, Monkton, 121 doe; Benjamin Smith, Shoreham, 133 doe; Paul Morse, Starksboro, 110 doe; Jennifer Nelson, Richmond, 138 doe; Roland Haskins, Hinesburg, 105 doe; Scott Haskins, Hinesburg, 129 doe; Grant Lewis, Huntington, 80 doe; Patrick Flynn, Huntington, 134-7; Adam Thompson, Starksboro, 132-4; and Adam Haskins, Starksboro, 100 doe.
BOW (40)
Cory Newton, Middlebury, 134 doe; Andrew Hutchison, Leicester, 157-7; Daniel Dubois, Orwell, 111 doe; Casey Butler, Middlebury, 167-6; Gary Whitman, Ripton, 110 doe; Brian Raymond, Ripton, 73 fawn; Daniel Wimett, Sudbury, 135-5; Charles Rule, New Haven, 106 doe; Asa Sargent, Ripton, 137-6; Devin Dwire, Salisbury, 105 doe; and Chase Goodrich, Salisbury, 123-3.
Also, Patrick Clark, Lincoln, 142-3; Daniel Stein, Ferrisburgh, 123 doe; Peter Barth, Cornwall, 65 fawn; William Snell, New Haven, 152 doe; Dean Ouellette, Weybridge, 111 doe; Rayce Burnham, Cornwall, 130-3; Robert Benoure, Grand Isle, 125-4; Douglas Yantz, Middlebury, 102 doe; Warner Warner, Middlebury, 75 doe; and Thatcher Trudeau, Salisbury, 110 doe.
Also, Robert James, Weybridge, 130 doe and 187-8; Randy Butler, New Haven, 80 doe; Charles Desjadon, Salisbury, 150 doe; Frank Raymond, Addison, 120 doe; Andrew Anthony, Middlebury, 133 doe; William Cyr, Orwell, 93 doe; William Orvis, Goshen, 130-6; Penny Corier, Middlebury, 113 doe; Karl Whitman, Ripton, 114 doe; and Zachary Saxe, Hubbardton, 112 doe.
Also, Frank Raymond, Addison, 135 doe; Scott Galipeau, Shelburne, 118 doe; John Austin, Weybridge, 120 doe; Robert Cameron, Middlebury, 116 doe; David Wimett, Sudbury, 112 doe; Lyle Webb, Ripton, 122 doe; Johnathan Bassett, Cornwall, 76 fawn; and Shaw Kipp, Middlebury, 120 doe;  
Lyle Webb, Ripton, 167-6; Charles Torrey, Salisbury, 115 doe; Brian Ladeau, Weybridge, 106 doe; Pierre Laroche, Shoreham, 117-3; Fred Waite III, Granville, 144-7; Peter Dusoe, New Haven, 150-8; Elizabeth Murratori, Benson, 129 doe; Andre Dubois, Addison, 150-8; and Douglas Yantz Sr., Middlebury, 122 doe.
Also, Robert Cameron, Salisbury, 122 doe; Stephen Pratt, Cornwall, 124 doe; Morris Lackey, Shoreham, 94 doe; Steven Rheaume, Cornwall, 55 fawn; Philip Cyr, Benson, 157 doe; Calvin Loven, West Rutland, 114 doe; Bruce Cram, Cornwall, 138; Dean Ouellette, Weybridge, 130-3; and Fred Waite Jr., Rochester, 181-9.
Also, Michael Betourney, Sudbury, 127 doe; Timothy Yandow, Middlebury, 118; Michael Loven, Middlebury, 150 doe; Fred Waite III, Ripton, 130 doe; Stephen Rivait, Ferrisburgh, 146 doe; Caleb Whitney, Pittsford, 86 buck; Wyatt Forbes, Middlebury, 138 doe; Avery Gale, Salisbury, 130-5; and Timothy Whitney Sr., Benson, 136 doe.
BOW (9)
Adam Paquette, Addison, 156-5; Timothy Price, Bridport, 140-7; Herb Glidden IV, Addison, 123 doe; Michael Holler, Addison, 108 doe; William Brown, Ferrisburgh, 132 doe; Kevin Reed, Addison, 119-4; Andy Gendreau, Ferrisburgh, 93 doe; James Anderson, Addison, 110 doe; and Daryl Tribou, Addison, 93 doe.
David Johnson, Benson, 119 doe; Kameron Brooks, Bridport, 66 fawn; William Sullivan, Panton, 100 doe; Brendin Roberts, Addison, 112-4; Edmund Brooks, West Haven, 95 doe; Jennifer Morin, Addison, 65 fawn; Jason Whittemore, Shoreham, 100 doe; Jason Johnson, Charlotte, 120 doe; Steven Filion, West Haven, 110 doe; Timothy Paquette, Shoreham, 105 doe; and Maxwell Flynn, New Haven, 125 doe.
Eddie Lafayette, Hubbardton, 105 doe; Chris Jerome, Lincoln, 118-3; and Jody Atkins, Bristol, 122-3.
BOW (35)
Roger Dunn, Orwell, 85 doe; William Malloy, Sudbury, 120 doe, Sudbury, 110 doe; Joe Pouliot, Orwell, 90-3; Del Frazier Jr., West Haven, 86 doe; Allen M. Alger, Orwell, 114 doe; Lynn Cameron, Orwell, 113 doe; Dennis Patterson, Shoreham, 126-5; John Hutchins, Brandon, 156-8; Tom Williams, Whiting, 152-5; Ashley Bishop, Shoreham, 87 doe; Benjamin Wallen, Shoreham, 107 doe; Mike Chicoine, Shoreham, 97 doe; and Pierre Larocque, Shoreham, 103 doe.
Also, Tom Cook, Sudbury, 147-7; Ed Lanpher, Shoreham, 155-5; Todd Huntley, Benson, 110 doe; Kevin Carter, Bridport, 112-6; Jim Euber, Duxbury, 134 doe; Gabe Laberge, Shoreham, 137-6; Russell Davis, Bridport, 107 doe; Steven Pyenta, Fair Haven, 145-4; Tim Paquette, Shoreham, 130 doe; Dave Leonard, Orwell, 188-7; Greg Raymond, Cornwall, 115-6; Jeremy Quenneville, Orwell, 106 doe; Jeff Booska, Orwell, 102 doe; and Bruce Bishop, Orwell, 153-5.
Also, Taylor Patterson, Shoreham, 135-4; Tim Williams, Sudbury, 133-4; Glen Telgen, Shoreham, 136 doe; Andrew Mullen, Fair Haven, 154-6; Del Frazier Jr., West Haven, 123 doe; Stephen Mlcuch Jr., Bridport, 97 doe; and Mike McCoy, Brandon, 110-4.
Devin Russell, Orwell, 170-5; Donald Robinson, Orwell, 190 doe; Steve Bruyneel, Orwell, 111 doe; Keith Westmore Jr., Sudbury, 128-6; Kirkland Crowley, Fair Haven, 114 doe; Kirk Kimball, Brandon, 113 doe; Anthony Warren, Shoreham, 92 doe; Dennis Patterson, Orwell, 125 doe; Bob Almeida, Orwell, 102 doe; Brett Huntley, Orwell, 141 doe; Larry Bishop, Orwell, 147 doe; and Dan Desforges, Orwell, 126 doe.
Also, Megan Russell, Orwell, 140 doe; Roger Bougor, Orwell, 124 doe; Jim Gill, Orwell, 124 doe; Matthew Gosselin, Orwell, 70 doe; Ray Cook Jr., Chittenden, 157-10; Brett Williams, Sudbury, 128-4; Rob Smith, Orwell, 125 doe; Robert Barnes, Orwell, 116 doe; Mike McCoy, Brandon, 125 doe; Fred Russell, Orwell, 120 doe; Devin Russell, Orwell, 70 doe; Jason D’Avignon, Orwell, 120 doe; and Gene Goodspeed, 88 doe.
Also, Gabe Laberge, Shoreham, 111 doe; George Corro, Orwell, 138 doe; Fred Hotte, Whiting, 70 doe; Terry Aldrich, Benson, 119 doe; Taylor Patterson, Brandon, 136 doe; Tim Langlois, Clarendon, 99 doe, Mandy Russell, Orwell, 135 doe; Andrew Hussinger, Orwell, 75 doe; Levi Booska, Sudbury, 135 doe; Daniel Bedard, Addison, 105 doe; Bruce Bishop, Orwell, 129 doe; Mark Pierpoint, Benson, 106 doe; Tony Quenneville, Orwell, 118 doe; Jim Booska, Orwell, 103 doe; Jeff Bishop, Bridport, 131 doe; Lauren Crossman, Orwell, 175 doe; and James Giard, Benson, 111 doe.
BOW (6)
Donald Pepe, Whiting, 109 doe; Kevin Masse, New Haven, 123 doe; Mark Tierney, Lincoln, 120-3; Vic Burbo, Monkton, 123 doe; Gary Briggs, New Haven, 139 doe; and Jody Brown, Lincoln, 77 doe.
Justin Malzac, East Middlebury, 117-8, Ripton, 123 doe; Donald Pepe, Whiting, 113-6; Gary Briggs, Bristol, 130 doe; Robert Rathburn, New Haven, 117-6; Pernell Bedell, Monkton, 100 doe; Kirk Jennings, Orwell, 104 doe; and Jared Malzac, Ripton, 94-3.
BOW (14)
Raymond Germain, New Haven, 127 doe; Ronald Devoid, Middlebury, 105 doe; Nicholas Iocco, Whiting, 122 doe; Brian Webb, Middlebury, 132 doe; Randy Butler, New Haven, 109 doe; Raymond Germain, Middlebury, 143-6; Wendy Butler, New Haven, 86 doe and 70 doe; Richard Rheaume, Middlebury, fawn; Tyler Highter, Middlebury, 116 doe; Gabriel Cameron, Middlebury, 86 doe and 101 doe; Logan Boyer, Cornwall, 178-7; and Stephen Ploof, Middlebury, 96 doe.
Henry Ramsey Jr., New Haven, 126 doe; Toby Rheaume, Orwell, 120 doe; and Michael Forbes, Middlebury, 110-4.
Andy Kirkaldy may be reached at [email protected].

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