Vergennes Police Log: Several routine incidents keep city police busy

VERGENNES — Vergennes police dealt with a variety of largely routine incidents between May 6 and 19, including barking dogs, confiscation of drug paraphernalia, traffic stops, thefts, locked-out motorists and some threatening behavior.
In that two-week time span, city police:
•  On May 6 dealt with barking dog complaints on Meadow Lane and South Water Street.
•  On May 6 issued a no-trespass order to an Addison man who had tried to collect money from people at an East Street residence and frightened them.
•  On May 6 looked unsuccessfully for a car playing loud music near the intersection of Main Street and Monkton Road.
•  On May 6 spoke to a woman who left a threatening note on a car belonging to a John Graham Shelter resident.
•  On May 7 delivered a subpoena to a Northlands Job Corps employee on behalf of the Addison County State’s Attorney’s office.
•  On May 7 looked into an alleged assault at Northlands and determined the incident did not rise to the level of an assault.
•  On May 7 stood by on Meigs Road while firefighters handled a Feed Commodities truck that had caught fire.
•  On May 8 backed up Vermont State Police at a South Maple Street traffic stop at which police said marijuana was found.
•  On May 8 helped a motorist get into a locked car on Armory Lane.
•  On May 8 stopped a car on Main Street for overly tinted glass and warned the owner to fix the problem, and during the traffic stop also confiscated drug paraphernalia.
•  On May 8 were told a backpack, keys and wallet with cash were stolen at Vergennes Union High School, an incident that remains under investigation.
•  On May 8 took a report of retail theft from Kinney Drug; police said they are working with the video of the incident.
•  On May 8 told youths not to skateboard on the city green.
•  On May 8 searched unsuccessfully for three men a caller suspected were casing Green Street homes.
•  On May 9 took a report of a Green Street burglary and theft of a handbag and a silver cane that police determined was inaccurate because the home was locked and there was no sign of forced entry; police believe the items were lost.
•  On May 10 informed a John Graham Shelter resident that another individual was trying to contact her.
•  On May 10 disposed of a hypodermic needle found on Hopkins Road.
•  On May 10 helped a motorist get into a locked car on Monkton Road.
•  On May 10 checked out a report of kids setting fires near the Otter Creek bridge, but found no one.
•  On May 11 responded to a Panton Road landlord-tenant dispute and determined the situation was calm.
•  On May 11 received a call from a Panton Road resident that a $1,500 watch was either missing or stolen.
•  On May 11 called Middlebury College security personnel after a citizen found a college ID and an ATM card.
•  On May 12 backed up Bristol police while they executed a search warrant.
•  On May 12 dealt with a barking dog complaint on Mechanics Lane.
•  On May 12 backed up VSP in Panton, where a complaint was filed about a youth firing a potato gun.
•  At a May 13 West Main Street traffic stop ticketed a motorist for possession of drug paraphernalia and confiscated and destroyed a pipe.
•  On May 13 aided VSP by responding to a Route 7 accident in Ferrisburgh just north of Monkton Road.
•  On May 13 investigated a case of threatening notes left in two VUHS lockers and determined that the owner of one of the lockers had written both notes; police said VUHS administrators are handling the situation.
•  On May 13 were told a bicycle had been stolen from a Hillside Acres apartment.
•  On May 13 talked to a male teen after a female teen said he had sent her harassing texts.
•  On May 13 heard a complaint from a New Haven Road resident that a neighbor was refusing to clean up after a dog on the complainant’s property.
•  On May 13 went to look for youths setting fires near the Otter Creek falls and throwing stones on School Street; police learned that one youth had suffered a burn throwing a hot stone into the river.
•  On May 13 dealt with a barking dog complaint on South Water Street.
•  On May 14 confiscated collectible coins from the trunk of a car following a West Main Street traffic stop. Police said they suspect the coins were stolen and would be contacting other agencies about them; they also ticketed the driver for speeding and drug paraphernalia.
•  On May 14 searched unsuccessfully for a stray dog reported on the Northlands campus.
•  On May 14 took a statement from a driver who allegedly had been tailgated and run off the road on Route 7.
•  On May 14 helped VSP check out a report of gunshots in Ferrisburgh, but found nobody.
•  On May 15 received a tip about illegal drug activity in the area.
•  On May 16 began investigating an allegation that one city man had written bad checks to another city man.
•  On May 16 on Monkton Road stopped an elderly driver whose license has been revoked, ticketed him, ordered his car towed, and drove him home.
•  On May 16 took a report from a teenage female that a man had grabbed her at Champlain Farms and then followed her home in a pickup truck; police said they did not have a good description, but the case remains under investigation.
•  On May 16 cited Troy Siple, 38, of Ferrisburgh for a criminal count of driving with a suspended license after stopping him on Main Street.
•  On May 17 helped the Vergennes Area Rescue Squad at a Main Street apartment building.
•  On May 17 referred to the Department of Motor Vehicles for investigation a North Main Street accident in which a southbound tractor-trailer truck went off the road and struck the city’s sewer pumping station and, according to police, damaged the pump to the point it needed replacement.
•  On May 17 looked into an alleged assault at Northlands and determined the incident did not rise to the level of an assault.
•  On May 17 took a report of a bicycle theft from the Evergreen Preschool on South Water Street.
•  On May 17 helped a motorist get into a locked car at Shaw’s Supermarket.
•  On May 17 told the owner of a car parked too long at Merchants Bank on Monkton Road to remove it.
•  On May 17 were told a wallet had been lost in the South Water Street area.
•  On May 17 helped the Department of Children of Families find a child at a Ferrisburgh home, and then helped DCF determine the child was safe there.
•  On May 18 calmed an arguing couple at a Second Street home.
•  On May 18 determined that a man in a red van on Mechanics Lane talking to children was not suspicious.
•  On May 19 ticketed a motorist for possession of drug paraphernalia as well as speeding at a West Main Street traffic stop.
•  On May 19 determined that a man in a truck outside a Hillside Acres apartment was not suspicious.
•  On May 19 told youths to leave the city green after they accidentally lit a box of sparklers on fire.  

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