Youth Hunting Weekend is most productive in years

ADDISON COUNTY — This past Youth Hunting Weekend on Nov. 3 and 4 proved to be the most successful in the area in at least the past nine years, with 124 young hunters having deer recorded at the county’s weigh stations.
That total does not include any deer that may have been taken to East Middlebury’s C&S Hunting Supplies, because its owner could not be contacted earlier this week, or Ferrisburgh’s Mid-State Shooting Sports.
Mid-State has signs posted that it is going out of business, and the store was not open earlier this week. Neighboring business owners said they did not believe deer had been weighed there, the business phone was not working, and one representative of the company handling the sale of the firm’s assets did not know if personnel at the store were handling deer.
The highest county Youth Hunting Weekend total since 2003 was 123 in 2006. In 2011, young hunters took 110, and in both 2009 and 2010 the final tally stood at 95.
According to the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife estimate, the state’s deer population increased from 123,000 before the 2011 rifle season to 125,000 before this past rifle season, which started on Nov. 10 (see related story).
One young hunter who weighed a deer at Buxton’s Store in Orwell bagged what a store employee called “a monster,” a 213-pound, 7-pointer shot in Sudbury. The hunter was Nicholas Duprey of Chittenden.
Brandon Bean shot the next largest animal weighed locally during Youth Hunting Weekend, a 163-pound, 4-point buck he took in Lincoln and had weighed at the Lincoln General Store.
The following youths were successful and had their deer weighed at the Village Green Market in New Haven; Middlebury’s Vermont Field Sports; Buxton’s Store; the Jerusalem Corner Store in Starksboro; or the Panton, Lincoln or West Addison general stores.
They are listed by name, town of kill, weight and gender of deer, and by pounds and points if they are antlered bucks.
Joseph Sawyer, New Haven, 125 buck; Caleb Boise, New Haven, 140-6; Logan Rodriguez, Ferrisburgh, 90 buck; Austin Brown, Weybridge, 75 buck; Jessie Freegard, Weybridge, 122 doe; Brandon Bean, Lincoln, 163-4; Cobi Badger, Vergennes, 140-6; Mitchell Tierney, Bristol, 122-3; and Brooke Perlee, New Haven, 110 doe.
Also, Billy Lyons, New Haven, 116 doe; Kenneth Marcelle Jr., New Haven, 110 doe; Kylie Palmer, New Haven, 153-5; Morgan Delorme, Ferrisburgh, 148-2; Nicole Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 85 fawn doe; Austin Sunderland, New Haven, 114 doe; Rogan Jackman, Monkton, 114 doe; Colin Jennings, New Haven, 122 doe; Sean Danyow, New Haven, 125-2; Courtney Morin, New Haven, 78 buck; Anthony Sargent, Hinesburg, 118 doe; Damon Tower, Moretown, 115 doe; and Tyrell Montani, Panton, 62 fawn doe.
Joseph Whitley Jr., Weybridge, 106 doe; Cooper Warden, Shoreham, 145 doe; Olivia Scott, New Haven, 115-6; Joshua Hotte, Bridport, 154 buck; Winston Forbes, Salisbury, 97 doe; David Stevens, Cornwall, 114 doe; Zachariah Mlcuch, New Haven, 51 fawn doe; Andrew Gosselin, Salisbury, 71 buck; William Hesslink, Salisbury, 62 fawn doe; Lucas Plouffe, Weybridge, 131 doe; and Kyle Bartlett, New Haven, 105 buck.
Also, Jacob Pyne, Hubbardton, 115-4; Tayah Marsden, Bridport, 113 doe; Cooper Harvey, Ferrisburgh, 59 fawn doe; Michael Clark, Shoreham, 68 buck; Devon Kimball, Middlebury, 64 fawn doe; Maxx Rheaume, Salisbury, 122 doe; Sawyer Heath, Salisbury, 114-2; Michael Bushey, Ripton, 66-2; Hunter Gale, New Haven, 133-2; Hunter Warner, Middlebury, 133-1; Wyatt Forbes, Middlebury, 108 doe; and Britney Ramsey, Lincoln, 135 doe.
Also, Jordan Stearns, Leicester, 65 buck; Riley Brown, Salisbury, 134 doe; Trey Kauffman, Weybridge, 112 doe; Britney Aldrich, New Haven, 125-2; Daniel Whitney, Shoreham, 110 doe; Gregory Whitney, Shoreham, 126 doe; Logan Boyer, New Haven, 118-3; and Jacob Marro, New Haven, 148-4.
Grady Devoid, Charlotte, 140 doe; Dylan Bradford, Monkton, 113 doe; Annika Vorsteveld, Panton, 115 doe; Robert Lafountain, Shoreham, 70 doe; James McEvilla, Shoreham, 120-4; Ryan Paquin, 147 doe; Eli Paquin, Addison, 121 doe; Christien Paquin, Addison, 131-2; Dylan Raymond, Ferrisburgh, 137 doe; Tucker Dikes, Ferrisburgh, 111 doe; and Bailey Smith, Ferrisburgh, 147-3.
Savannah Bearley, Lincoln, 112 doe; Ross Norton, Lincoln, 64 buck; Madison Little, Lincoln, 86 doe; Jackson Desautels, Lincoln, 112-4; and Wade Acker, Lincoln, 77 buck.
Henry Gracie, Lincoln, 107 doe; Rowan Haskins, Starksboro, 70 fawn doe; Andre Eastman, Hinesburg, 65 buck; Bridget Davis, Bristol, 50 fawn doe; Garrett Davis, Bristol, 133 doe; Shyanna Cram, Middlebury, 113 doe; Phillip Canton, Starksboro, 50 fawn doe; Josh Roscoe, Starksboro, 113 doe; Eben Martin-Clifford, Shoreham, 122-5; Adam Whitcomb, Starksboro, 72 buck; Ryan Whitcomb, New Haven, 102 doe; and Nolan Whitcomb, New Haven, 132 doe.
Keri Richmond, Cornwall, 139-3; Keenan Pratt, Benson, 143-3; Emily Huntley, Orwell, 140-7; Wyatt Norris, Shoreham, 128-2; Julia Baslow, Shoreham, 117-2; Bailey Wigginton, Cornwall, 111 doe; Kaitlyn Pellerin, Benson, 111-3; Wyatt Laberge, Cornwall, 71 doe; Hunter Birchmore, Whiting, 125-3; Jordan Hanson, Berlin, 115 doe; Shawn Richards, Benson, 145-6; and Rebekah Parent, Orwell, 124 doe.
Also, Colleen Pouliot, Orwell, 137 doe; Ethan Dragon, Shoreham, 121 buck; Andrew Lanthier, West Haven, 60 doe; Dylan Lee, Orwell, 143-4; Dylan D’Avignon, Orwell, 120 doe; Colin Nicklaw, Leicester, 130 doe; Dylan Hill-Quintin, Shoreham, 155-3; Garrett Dunn, Orwell, 150 doe; Nicholas Duprey, Sudbury, 213-7; Seth Gebo, Orwell, 121 doe; Feliesa Baslow, Shoreham, 75 doe; and Jurgen Alnson, Shoreham, 115 doe.
Also, Brett Huntley, Orwell, 105 doe; Ryan Langmaid, Fair Haven, 47 doe; Tyler Buxton, Orwell, 150-5; Michael Dame, Orwell, 57 doe; Caleb Bradford, Whiting, 140 buck; Cody Parent, Orwell, 67 doe; Randy Disorda, Orwell, 143-3; Jared Felkl, Sudbury, 128-4; and Tyler Shortsleeves, Hubbardton, 58 doe.
Zachary Comeau, Bridport, 133 doe; Donny Austin, Bridport, 100 doe; Nathan Warren, Shoreham, 63 fawn doe; Kylie Comeau, Panton, 127 doe; Joseph Ask Jr., Ferrisburgh, 63 doe; Claas Vorsteveld, Cornwall, 73 doe; Dyllon Bougor, Addison, 115 doe; Cody Devries, New Haven, 64 doe; Jacob Birchmore, Addison, 72 doe; and Cole Putnam, Bridport, 100 doe. 

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