Around the region: Ferrisburgh to shutter building; lightning strikes in Waltham

FERRISBURGH — Members of the Ferrisburgh selectboard said at its Oct. 2 meeting that they plan to shut down and seal up the town-owned Union Meeting Hall for the winter. At some point, officials might survey residents asking what the town should do with the prominent building across Route 7 from the former town office building.
It was most recently occupied by the Wesleyan Chapel, but that congregation has arranged with another Ferrisburgh church to share its building. According to Oct. 2 minutes, the building would require an investment of roughly $120,000 to $130,000 to fix problems with its tower and “address Labor and Industry requirements” before its allowable occupancy could be increased to more than 50 people.
The selectboard plans to walk through the building before its Nov. 6 meeting at 6 p.m. As always, members of the public are welcome at all selectboard meetings.
On Oct. 16 the board appointed Keith Wagner to the town planning commission. Wagner replaces Steve Gutowski, who recently resigned, and was appointed to serve the remainder of Gutowski’s term, which will expire in March 2015.
On Sept. 4 the board discussed using town recreation fund money to replace existing benches at the town beach with longer-lasting concrete benches, and on Aug. 21 authorized road foreman John Bull to buy a used one-ton pickup with a plow package and a trailer for $24,000.
On Sept. 4 the board also concluded a discussion of a citizen concern raised earlier this summer, the possibility of a right-turn lane for southbound traffic at the intersection of Route 7 and Little Chicago Road. According to minutes, the county’s Traffic Advisory Committee, after reading a response from the Agency of Transportation, “advises the board to leave the Monkton Road/Route 7 intersection alone.”
In July, the board gave full-time employees a 3.5 percent raise in their hourly pay, but also required each to “pay their individual 4.5 percent contribution to the retirement fund.” Town employees said the moves largely offset one another. July 2 minutes also said given uncertain future health care expenses, “There will be a review of employee health insurance costs in the future.”
The following real estate sales were recorded in Ferrisburgh this year through Oct. 17:
•  Feb. 13: William Rider estate to Marjorie Rider Bushey estate, home and 80.1 acres at 2075 Route 7, $535,000.
•  Feb. 29: Jean Thornton estate to William Forsyth, camp at 82 North Road, $128,000.
•  March 28: Katherine Reynolds to Bordeau Bordeau Bushey Partnership, 5.06 acres on Pea Ridge Road, $58,000.
•  March 28: Griffin Revocable Trust to Douglas Griffin, home at 11 Shore Point Road, $152,500.
•  March 30: Kimball Farm LLC to Jackman Revocable Trust, 10.8 acres on Kimball Dock Road, $55,000.
•  March 30: Steven Winner to Sidney Barbour, home at 3394 Route 7, $160,000.
•  April 23: Charles and Mary Jane Huizenga to Robert Stearns and Lisa O’Brien, 71 acres on Dean Road, $110,000.
•  May 18: Rory and Susan Cartwright to David and Kathleen Pratt, home on 10.44 acres at 44 Bedford Road, $450,000.
•  May 23: Richard Beers and Patricia Spare to Matthew and Mary Neffinger, home on 10.1 acres at 2133 Plank Road, $280,000.
•  June 8, Marjorie Bushey estate to Kenneth Villeneuve and Aubrey Choquette, home and 5.0 acres at 2075 Route 7, $165,000.
•  June 19: Anthony Armell to Jeremy and Lori-Ann Adams, home at 5635 Route 7, $249,000.
•  June 22: Yvette Field to Paul Stanley LLC, 15 acres on Route 7, $45,500.
•  June 28: Leslie Larrow estate to Gary and Simone Setta, 5.05 acres on Little Chicago Road, $65,000.
•  June 28: Jeffrey Hutchinson to Shawn Crowley and Lisa Maggio, home at 3012 Route 7, $225,000.
•  July 13: Birkett Trust to Top G LLC, home on 7 acres at 377 Satterly Road, $209,000.
•  July 16: John and Irene Pierce to Michael and Diane Imrie, 14.9 acres on Quaker Street, $130,000.
•  Aug. 20: Mark Franceschetti and Kathleen Fleming to Bennett and Patrice Johns, 5 acres on Fuller Mountain Road, $80,000.
•  Aug. 22: Alex Cseh and Susannah Cole to Andre Zdunczyk, home on 8.9 acres a 1259 Shellhouse Mountain Road, $227,000.
•  Aug. 21 Sokolowski Trust to Joan Rabideau, 10 acres on Fuller Mountain Road, $47,000.
•  Aug. 27: Neil Cross to Mary Lou Turko, home on 4.91 acres at 1052 Greenbush Road, $240,000.
•  Aug. 28: Wesley Thompson to Amy Dohner, home at 398 Quaker St., $293,500.
•  Aug. 29: Bodette Trust to Alexander and Michelle Brace, 47 acres on Botsford Road, $120,000.
•  Aug. 29: Joan Rabideau to Roy and Patricia Sokolowski (family sale), home on 10 acres, 1411 Fuller Mountain Road, $111,200.
•  Sept. 14: Clifford and Sandra Harris to Ben and Kristine Dykema, 30 acres off Greenbush Road, $30,000.
•  Sept. 21: Paul Flinn to Robert and CarolAnn Brisee, camp at 173 South Road, $300,000.
•  Sept. 21; Charles Sears to Robert and Mary Gordon, home at 432 Little Chicago Road,$162,000.
•  Sept. 28: Michael Liker to Brandon and Casey Hammond, 37 acres on South Middlebrook Road, $135,000.
Lightning strikes Waltham offices
WALTHAM — Waltham officials are now using new computers after their older units developed problems following August lightning strikes on Waltham Town Hall.
Town office employees said their computers started malfunctioning right after they sent out tax bills in August, and a computer expert soon afterward diagnosed the problem.
Town Clerk Mary Kinson said insurance covered the costs, and that the town did not lose any data because of the uncooperative weather.
“We’ve been backing up everything,” Kinson said.
In August, selectmen also agreed to hire longtime Monkton zoning administrator Ken Wheeling as the Waltham zoning administrator. In addition to his decades in Monkton, Wheeling more recently accepted the same post in Ferrisburgh.
Kinson said Wheeling will hold regular office hours from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. on Fridays, and may be contacted through the town office otherwise.
Selectmen also worked with Wheeling to adopt new zoning fees. After studying those from several towns, the board in October adopted the same fees now used in Ferrisburgh, ranging from $40 for proposed construction of 500 square feet or less to $225 for construction of 4,000 square feet or more. Subdivision applications range from $200 for two lots to $500 plus $200 per lot for proposals for five lots or more.
In July, selectmen approved chip-sealing portions of Plank and Pearson roads.
The following real estate sales were recorded this year in Waltham through Oct. 19:
•  Jan. 30: Floriant and Mary Ouellette to Jeffrey and Betsy Ouellette, 3.6 acres with farm buildings on Maple Street, $200,000.
•  Feb. 29: Emily Turner to Jesse Sabourin, 68 acres on Maple Street, $15,000.
•  Robert and Joan Ann Bushey to Wyeth Bushey, home on 10 acres on Green Street, $85,000.
•  April 20: Albert Adair to Robert and Pamela Norton, home at 427 Maple St. on 10.2 acres, $175,500.
•  June 25: Lawrence and Elise Gebo to Brian and Heather Gebo, 25.63 acres on Maple Street, $50,000.
•  Sept. 26: Anthony and Mary Kinson to Josh Baldwin, 20 acres of Route 7, $85,000.

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