Vermont State Police Log: Toolbox forced open, tools stolen in Orwell

VERGENNES — Vergennes police on Sept. 6 cited a Panton man for drunken driving after responding to a motorcycle accident on Panton Road in Panton.
Police went to Panton Road at the request of Vermont State Police, who had been told of a motorcycle off the road. They discovered a bike driven by Leo Pratt, 44, had come to rest in a ditch after sliding about 300 feet.
Police cited Pratt for driving under the influence of alcohol, and the Vergennes Area Rescue Squad took him to Porter Hospital for treatment.
In other action between Sept. 5 and 11, Vergennes police:
•  On Sept. 5 helped VARS lift a patient at a Booth Woods residence.
•  On Sept. 5 dealt with a minor two-car accident on the Main Street bridge.
•  On Sept. 5 calmed a verbal fight at a New Haven Road home between a husband and wife and took the woman to the Chittenden County Correctional Center; police said alcohol-related charges might be filed in this incident.
•  On Sept. 6 responded to a phone complaint of a car tailgating and passing on the right on Route 7, and ticketed the operator for passing on the right.
•  On Sept. 6 went to Vergennes Union High School because a student was refusing to get into a car driven by a parent; he cooperated when he learned police were on their way.
•  On Sept. 6 were told vegetables had been stolen from the community garden on the Northlands Job Corps campus.
•  On Sept. 6 called the phone company to handle a downed wire on South Maple Street.
•  On Sept. 7 arrested Allison Dallaire, 37, of Vergennes on an outstanding warrant from Addison County District Court after stopping her car on Route 7. Police took her directly to court to be arraigned, and also cited Dallaire for driving with a suspended license and illegally passing a school bus.
•  On Sept. 8 cited Jeremy Stone, 19, of Middlebury for simple assault. Police heard yelling while on patrol and learned that Stone allegedly had struck a man in the face when the man asked him not to sit on and scratch his car.
•  On Sept. 8 helped immigration officials looked for a man who had previously lived in Vergennes and was wanted in connection with a child pornography investigation; police learned the man and his girlfriend had left town.
•  On Sept. 8 heard a complaint from a local business of a man showing up just before closing time and upsetting its employees; police have been keeping an eye out for him.
•  On Sept. 8 looked into a report that a VUHS student had been offering other students liquid LSD; police are monitoring the situation.
•  On Sept. 9 ticketed a Mountain View Lane resident for noise disturbance after receiving a third complaint in four days about barking dogs at a home. Police were also called there on Sept. 6 and 8.
•  On Sept. 9 helped a woman get into her locked car on Main Street.
•  On Sept. 9 went to a minor two-car accident on West Main Street; police ticketed one operator for failing to yield.
•  On Sept. 9 were told that a Vergennes man seen loading a shotgun had threatened a woman and her boyfriend. Police could not find him, but alerted other departments to be on the lookout for the man, and South Burlington police saw him and took the weapon and issued him a ticket for driving with a suspended license. On Sept. 10, city police took the man to Porter Hospital to consult with the Counseling Service of Addison County.
•  On Sept. 10 handled a minor two-car accident on Main Street.
•  On Sept. 10 looked into an allegation that a Northlands student had thrown an apple at another student, hitting him in the arm.
•  On Sept. 10 handled a noise complaint on Basin Harbor Road in Ferrisburgh on behalf of VSP.
•  On Sept. 11 were told a bicycle had been stolen from a Main Street residence; it was found later on South Water Street.
•  On Sept. 11 looked for but could not find a car involved in a string of burglaries in Middlebury, on behalf of Middlebury police.
•  On Sept. 11 conducted extra patrols around the city recreation area on East Street.
•           On Sept. 11 checked a report of gunshots in the South Water Street area and determined they were legally fired across Otter Creek in Panton. 

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