Vergennes Police Log: Arrests made in recent break-in

VERGENNES — Vergennes police on Aug. 17 arrested two men and a woman, all with Addison County roots, and charged them in connection with an Aug. 9 burglary from a Green Mountain Power outbuilding on Mechanic Street. In that break-in, police said copper wire and two pieces of equipment used to cool turbines were stolen.
Vergennes police said they and Vermont State Police are also investigating the three — Jake Desjadon, 24, a Vergennes native now living in Brandon; Renee Nicholson, 25, now living in Middlebury but previously a Bristol resident; and Daniel Grant, 25, of Bristol — in connection with burglaries in Addison, Chittenden, Rutland and Windsor counties.
Acting on a tip, Vergennes police arrested the three on the evening of the 17th as they were leaving the city; police stopped their car near the park-and-ride lot on Route 22A. All three were lodged in the Chittenden County Correctional Center and arraigned in Chittenden County court the next day.
Police said Desjadon was charged with burglary and possession of tools used for burglary, Nicholson was charged with possession of stolen property, and Grant was charged with burglary. Vergennes police said VSP could also file additional charges.
Vergennes and VSP also acted on warrants and conducted two searches related to this case after the arrests were made. On Aug. 19, they searched a storage facility on Burpee Road in Bristol, and on Aug. 21 they searched a home on Route 7 in New Haven.
In other action between Aug. 15 and 21, Vergennes police:
•  On Aug. 15 helped a motorist get into a locked car on Main Street.
•  On Aug. 15 were told by a Main Street resident that his ex-girlfriend had possession of a check sent to him by the government and would not hand it over; police said the woman gave him the check when they were on the way.
•  On Aug. 15 were told money had been stolen from a tip jar at a Main Street business.
•  On Aug. 15 began looking into the possible theft of diamond earrings that a woman believed she had left behind in her room at a local inn.
•  On Aug. 15 responded to a one-car accident on Route 22A in Panton on behalf of VSP.
•  On Aug. 16 looked into vandalism to a trailer taillight on Green Street.
•  On Aug. 16 handled a minor two-car accident on Main Street.
•  On Aug. 16 were told a display of masks made by Vergennes Union Elementary School students was missing from the post office.
•  On Aug. 16 took a report from a South Water Street resident that a number of empty whipped cream cans had been left behind a church, possibly by youths who had used the gas in them to get high.
•  On Aug. 17 were told by a Main Street gas station that a patron had driven off without paying.
•  On Aug. 19 began an investigation of a burglary at a Kennedy Brothers outbuilding after a maintenance man discovered a door had been forced open; police said 300 gallons of heating oil had been siphoned and nearby scrap metal had been stolen.
•  On Aug. 19 handled a minor two-car accident on New Haven Road.
•  On Aug. 19 helped youths clean up the city skate park.
•  On Aug. 19 were told a 12-year-old had not returned to a Main Street residence the night before; the youth later returned.
•  On Aug. 19 began looking into a report of possible child abuse at a Thomas Circle home.
•  On Aug. 19 searched unsuccessfully for a white van with a possibly drunken driver.
•  On Aug. 19 responded to verbal family fights at Hillside Drive and First Street residences, and found no real problems.
•  On Aug. 20 checked out a report of a suspicious man in Falls Park and found a traveler sleeping in his car posing no problem.
•  On Aug. 20 helped the Vergennes Area Rescue Squad on Meadow Lane.
•  On Aug. 20 checked out vandalism to a flagpole and the theft of two flags from a Main Street home.
•  On Aug. 20 responded to a two-car accident on Route 22A in Panton on behalf of VSP.
•  On Aug. 20 checked out a report of an explosion at a Panton home on behalf of VSP; a woman at the home said she had thrown gas on a slow-burning bonfire, and police found no problem.
•  On Aug. 20 went to Northlands Job Corps after receiving a complaint that students had picked flowers off a MacDonough Drive property; the students, who were dating, said they picked the flowers for each other and apologized, satisfying the homeowner, and police told them to be more careful of others’ property.
•  On Aug. 21 went to calm an argument on South Water Street near the Little City Market.
•  On Aug. 21 checked out a report of a man drinking near the monument on the city green.

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