Bristol to discuss land use at Tuesday planning meeting

BRISTOL — The Bristol Planning Commission will discuss Section 12 — pertaining to “Land Use” — of the rapidly evolving update to the town plan at its Tuesday, May 3, meeting, which will be held in Holley Hall at 7 p.m. Section 12 is the most heavily scrutinized section of the town plan and it will set the visionary guidelines for future gravel extraction in Bristol.
Section 12 spans pages 62-71 of the 120-page draft town plan update, which can be found at
As indicated by redlined portions of the online version of the plan, changes that will be discussed this week read:
•  “Because of the opposition expressed by a majority of the residents, and in view of recent designations emphasizing the importance of our downtown, it is not appropriate to allow extraction in the core area of Bristol.”
•  “It is important to understand that the Conservation zone, while an area where development should be limited, is not a ‘Preservation Area,’ nor are all parts of it environmentally sensitive, and thus … extraction can be permitted in this area.”
At Tuesday’s meeting, Bristol residents can weigh in on what the town plan states has been the “community’s most hotly debated issue.”
Reporter Andrew Stein is at [email protected]

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