Mount Abe staff cuts still in limbo

BRISTOL — Those anxious to hear exactly where Mount Abraham Union High School will be making its cuts to meet the 2-percent reduction in spending for the upcoming fiscal year will have to wait a bit longer.
The Mount Abraham Union High School Board will not move forward in the budget development process until its next meeting on Dec. 7 at 6:30 p.m., according to Addison Northeast Supervisory Union Superintendent Evelyn Howard.
“Our budget process was moved up quite a bit this year, so until the next meeting in December, we’re still trying to refine numbers and so forth, but this was to give you an idea of how we’re making accommodations for changes in numbers and shifts in departments,” Howard told the board at a meeting Tuesday evening.
Board members are still working off of the list of suggested cuts presented last week by Co-principals Andy Kepes and Leon Wheeler, but have made no final decisions at this point.
“Because of the change in revenues and grant programs, I think our range of getting to the 2 percent is between $205,000 and $266,000 (to cut in spending),” Howard said. “Without even necessarily having that in mind we’ve been working on the whole process of deciding what we can trim and shifting resources around, which generated this list.”
Kepes and Wheeler are still confident that the school will be able to meet its target without cutting anything too major.
“There’s impacts in here, but nothing that we don’t think we can work with at all,” Kepes told the board. “There’s a couple course sections we can lose and things like that so, no, we think we can keep things going.”
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