Leicester school makes plans for installation of a new boiler

LEICESTER — The end is in sight for one of Leicester Central School’s main infrastructure woes.
Last spring, the school received a $50,000 energy efficiency and conservation block grant through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (the economic stimulus law) to fund the installation of a new, energy-efficient boiler and water heater in the school. Leicester Central has put the installation contract out to bid, with the hope of doing the new installations in the spring.
The school board has long been seeking funds through regular budget processes for a replacement of its aging boiler. After the boiler replacement once again failed to pass in last year’s budget negotiations, however, the administration turned to other funding sources. The economic stimulus grant was awarded during the spring, but Co-principal Carol Eckels said purchase and installation had to be postponed until this fall because of school year timing issues and paperwork.
Still, the repairs are much needed.
“Our heating system is old — the boiler is 25 years old,” said Eckels, who wrote the grant application.
Eckels said the new installations will be a great benefit to the school. The two new oil-fired burners, which are Energy Star-rated, will likely save the school a significant amount in heating.
Bids on the boiler installation are due on Nov. 22, and Eckels said the new boiler system will be installed over the school’s weeklong April vacation. Though she was unsure what the project’s final price tag would be, she hope that $50,000 will cover the entire cost of the project.
Reporter Andrea Suozzo is at [email protected].

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