Candidates on the Issues

The following six questions, along with a requested word limit, were asked of each local candidate for the Vermont House and Senate.
The questions are not repeated in the context of each candidate’s response, but are recalled by subject at the beginning of each answer.
Election Day is Nov. 2.
1) STATE BUDGET: With a projected state budget shortfall of around $120 million next fiscal year, would you look to cut programs or personnel, raise taxes, or a combination of the two? Please be specific in listing what you believe will be the cut and/or tax options. (150 words)
2) EDUCATION FUNDING: Is Act 68 broken? What changes to the system would you make, or what alternative education funding system would you support during the coming biennium? (150 words)
3) ENERGY: Should the state close the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant or renew its license? Either way, how should Vermont ensure that future power supplies meet demand at a reasonable price? (150 words)
4) AGRICULTURE: How would you improve conditions for the state’s farmers, beyond programs that are being considered at the federal level? (100 words)
5) HEALTH CARE: Should the state pursue additional health care reforms beyond Catamount Health and the federal health care law? If so, what measures can and should the state take on its own? (150 words)
6) JOBS: What policies should Vermont pursue to create new jobs in a manner that will preserve the state’s scenic and agricultural identity? (100 words)
October 28, 2010
The four candidates running for the two House seats in the Addison-3 district — which encompasses the towns of Waltham, Panton, Ferrisburgh and Addison and the city of Vergennes — are incumbent Republican Greg Clark, incumbent Democrat Diane Lanpher, Democrat Liz Markowski and Republican Thelma “Kitty” Oxholm.
The two candidates running for the open seat in the Addison-5 House district — which encompasses Bridport, New Haven and Weybridge — are Democrat Spence Putnam and Republican Harvey Smith.
Joe Acinapura is the incumbent House member  in the Rutland-7 district representing Brandon.
October 21, 2010
The five candidates running for the two Senate seats representing Addison County and Brandon are incumbent Democrats Claire Ayer and Harold Giard, Republicans Andrea Ochs and Mark Young, and Independent Robert Wagner.
The two candidates running for the seat in the Addison-Rutland-1 district — which encompasses the towns of Shoreham, Whiting, Orwell and Benson — are Incumbent independent Will Stevens and Republican Joy Jones.
October 14, 2010
The four candidates running for the two seats in the Addison-4 district — which includes the towns of Bristol, Monkton, Lincoln and Starksboro — are Michael Fisher, John “Peeker” Heffernan, Frederick K. Baser and David Sharpe.
The two candidates running for the two seats in the Addison-1 district, which encompasses the town of Middlebury, are Betty Nuovo and Paul Ralston.
The one candidate running for the Addison-2 district — which includes Cornwall, Goshen, Hancock, Leicester, Ripton and Salisbury — is Willem Jewett.
Look for responses from more Addison County candidates in next Thursday’s edition of the Addison Independent. For all of the Independent’s campaign 2010 coverage, including past profiles of local challengers for legislative seats, visit our election page.

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