Bristol students raise $600 to end hunger

BRISTOL — Around 80 Bristol Elementary School third- and fourth-grade students hiked three miles and raised around $600 to support the Vermont Campaign to End Childhood Hunger’s 14th annual Hike for Hunger last Thursday.
The students began their hour-and-a-half hike downtown and walked up to Mount Abraham Union High School and back through the neighborhoods to the school, accompanied by their teachers and several parents.
“We went right through town,” third-grade teacher David Bouchard said. “We got a really good response.”
Bouchard said that the students were hiking to gain awareness for the Vermont Campaign to End Childhood Hunger and for good nutrition in general. Leading up to the hike, students participated in a lesson on “eating well and eating the right foods versus just eating,” according to Bouchard.
“We have also shared a few lessons with the health teacher that we might use later in the year,” he said.
Bouchard and his colleagues hope to emphasize the importance of eating right for his students.
“Sometimes it’s as simple as working it into the morning meeting,” he said. “We ask what kids ate that morning, and then discuss what they could have eaten instead to come to school more ready to learn and what would help them focus better and pay attention.”
Bouchard got a similar program started in Williston eight years ago, and when he transferred to Bristol Elementary this year, he knew he wanted to get Bristol students involved in Hike for Hunger, as well.
Though students did not go door-to-door, Bouchard and his colleagues encouraged them to gather pledges within their families. The money the students raised will go toward the Vermont Campaign to End Childhood Hunger’s “The Learning Kitchen” nutrition education classes.
“You could tell that the kids were really proud of what they were doing,” Bouchard said. “And with the beautiful fall background, it was the perfect day to get people to come out and get involved in raising awareness.”
Tamara Hilmes is at [email protected].

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