Bristol town offices return to Holley Hall

BRISTOL — After nearly a year of waiting in a temporary location for renovations at Holley Hall to reach completion, the Bristol town offices will be returning to their former home in the Main Street building on Oct. 25.
In just a couple more weeks, town employees will pack up and leave their temporary headquarters at 6 South St. with the help of a moving company.
“When we moved out of Holley Hall we did it ourselves,” town administrative assistant Lisa Dupoise said. This time, though, town office staff are relying on professionals to get the job done as they will not have the luxury of shutting down for three days like they did in the first move.
“It’s going to be business as usual,” said Dupoise, who explained that with an election on Nov. 2 and taxes due Nov. 5, the town offices just cannot afford to close.
Town administrators are looking forward to resituating themselves in their newly remodeled home, which, according to Dupoise, will look quite a bit different to those entering the building for the first time since the renovations took place.
“There are all-new paint colors, a larger lobby area and a larger vault,” said Dupoise. “It will be more open — it has a more open floor plan.”
But for the most part, she said, everyone will be returning to his or her same spot, with the exception of the police personnel, whose final destination still has yet to be determined.
According to Dupoise, the possibility of the police remaining at 6 South St. is “still in discussion.”
“We are happy to be going back,” Dupoise said, speak for the whole town office staff. “We always knew we were going to go back, that this was going to be a temporary location.”
Reporter Tamara Hilmes is at [email protected].

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