Vergennes dunks Knights, 285-190

MIDDLEBURY/VERGENNES — On Tuesday evening, the Vergennes and Middlebury swim teams hosted meets at their respective home pools. Middlebury fell to Burlington Country Club with a score of 162 to 309, while the Vergennes Swim Team toppled the StKnights Swim Team of Burlington, 285 to 190.
Highlights of the Vergennes meet included Charlie Johnston’s wins in all four individual events in the 15 to 18 age group. Jeffrey Stearns and Matteo Palmer each bagged three wins for the eight and under and 10 to 14 age groups, respectively. Stearns finished the 25 yards of breaststroke with a time of 25.27, out-touching the other two swimmers by a fraction of a second.
Max Bicknell also garnered two wins in the 11 to 12 age group backstroke and breaststroke events. Of the 40 individual events, the team collected 20 first place individual finishes and 14 first place finishes out of the 20 relays.
The Middlebury team collected 11 first-place finishes and one tied event at their meet against the Burlington Country Club, plus five first-place relay finishes. Spencer Doran, Archie Milligan, Courtney White, Reubie Bolton and Mychaella Devaney all bagged wins in events.
Grace Weinberg won the freestyle and backstroke events in the 10 to 12 age group, while Sarah Snider won backstroke and freestyle events for the 15 to 18 age group. In the 10 to 12 age group, Chandler Devaney collected two wins and tied for first place in freestyle.
The teams are more than halfway through their season, with three more dual meets before the July 30-31 league championship, which Middlebury will host.
Combined individual results of area swimmers from both meets, in Vergennes and Middlebury, are posted below according to how each person placed among the top three in each event and their times:
• U-8 girls: M: Eleanor Solomon, 2nd, 19.65. V: Emily Rooney, 2nd, 27.65.
• U-8 boys: M: Spencer Doran, 1st, 28.47. V: Jeff Stearns, 1st, 22.28.
• U-10 girls: M: Abigail Jewett, 3rd, 17.62. V: Munro McLaren, 3rd, 22.47.
• U-10 boys: M: Archie Milligan, 1st, 19.66; Parker Beatty, 3rd, 19.84. V: Ethan Sausville, 1st, 19.47; Hunter Smith, 3rd, 21.42.
• U-12 girls: M: Courtney White, 1st, 34.16; Grace Weinberg, 2nd, 35.37. V: Eva Kamman, 3rd, 1:06.69.
• U-12 boys: M: Chandler Devaney, 1st, 37.00; Nick Wilkerson, 3rd, 52.17. V: Lathrop Brownell, 1st, 53.28.
• U-14 girls: M: Brianna Foley, 2nd, 34.38.
• U-14 boys: V: Joshua Cook, 1st, 34.97; Jesse Sawyer, 2nd, 42.71.
• U-18 girls: M: Sarah Snider, 2nd, 32.44; Mychaella Devaney, 3rd, 36.00. V: Paige Vincent, 2nd, 31.62, Harlie Vincent, 3rd, 32.35.
• U-18 boys: V: Charles Johnston, 1st, 28.56.
• U-8 girls: M: Jade Weinberg, 2nd, 24.12. V: E. Rooney, 3rd, 25.46.
• U-8 boys: M: S. Doran, 3rd, 26.32. V: Tyler Jewett, 1st, 27.25; Eric Reitz, 3rd, 29.35.
• U-10 girls: M: Isabel Rosenberg, 2nd, 19.28. V: Megan Tarte, 3rd, 23.03.
• U-10 boys: M: P. Beatty, 2nd, 21.59. V: Ezekiel Palmer, 3rd, 21.38.
• U-12 girls: M: Grace Weinberg, 1st, 32.57; Reubie Bolton, 2nd, 38.90. V: Nickilette Salley, 2nd, 41.00; Bailey Bisonette, 3rd, 41.59.
• U-12 boys: M: Chandler Devaney, 1st, 39.28. V: Max Bicknell, 1st, 47.02; Silas Mullin, 2nd, 55.37.
• U-14 girls: M: Brianna Foley, 3rd, 37.25. V: Samara Sausville, 3rd, 41.63.
• U-14 boys: V: Matteo Palmer, 1st, 38.25; J. Cook, 2nd, 38.62.
• U-18 girls: M: Sarah Snider, 1st, 34.03. V: Rebecca Johnston, 2nd, 35.53; Sarah Dews, 3rd, 37.65.
• U-18 boys: V: Charlie Johnston, 1st, 31.67.
• U-8 girls: M: Eleanor Solomon, 2nd, 24.47. V: Wiley Smart, 1st, 29.81; Morgan Lynk, 2nd, 30.65.
• U-8 boys: M: Fraser Milligan, 2nd, 29.84. V: Jeffrey Stearns, 1st, 25.27; Max Konczal, 2nd, 25.31.
• U-10 girls: M: Abigail Jewett, 3rd, 21.31. V: Sadie Kass, 2nd, 22.15.
• U-10 boys: M: Archie Milligan, 2nd, 22.49. V: Ethan Sausville, 2nd, 24.56; Ezekiel Palmer, 3rd, 25.16.
• U-12 girls: M: Reubie Bolton, 1st, 38.13; Courtney White, 2nd, 41.88. V: Nickilette Salley, 3rd, 45.12.
• U-14 boys: V: Silas Mullin, 1st, 45.12; Devon Kimball, 2nd, 50.15.
• U-14 girls: M: Shiloh Solomon, 2nd, 39.25. V: H. Vincent, 1st, 36.94, S. Sausville, 3rd, 40.98.
• U-14 boys: M: Eric Podraza, 3rd, 47.75. V: M. Palmer, 1st, 42.19, J. Sawyer, 2nd, 42.71.
• U-18 girls: M: M. Devaney, 1st, 38.25. V: P. Vincent, 2nd, 35.56; Erika Evarts, 3rd, 41.49.
• U-18 boys: M: C. Devaney, 2nd, 47.21, Jonathon Fitzcharles, 3rd, 53.18. V: C. Johnston, 1st, 38.01.
• U-8 girls: M: E. Solomon, 2nd, 17.75. V: Leah Croke, 2nd, 19.53; Charlotte McCabe, 3rd, 20.59.
• U-8 boys: M: Andrew Hinman, 3rd, 21.53. V: J. Stearns, 1st, 19.06; M. Konczal, 3rd, 21.69.
• U-10 girls: M: A. Jewett, 3rd, 16.45. V: M. McLaren, 2nd, 16.61.
• U-10 boys: M: P. Beatty, 2nd, 16.28. V: Sam Comai, 2nd, 15.37.
• U-12 girls: M: G. Weinberg, 1st, 29.44; C. White, 2nd, 30.84. V: N. Salley, 2nd, 34.03, B. Bisonette, 3rd, 34.33.
• U-12 boys: M: C. Devaney, 1st, 31.25; V: M. Bicknell, 1st, 35.28, L. Brownell, 2nd, 39.58.
• U-14 girls: M: S. Solomon, 3rd, 31.22. V: S. Sausville, 1st, 31.33, Daphne Plante, 3rd, 37.12.
• U-14 boys: M: E. Podraza, 3rd, 36.25. V: M. Palmer, 1st, 30.65. J. Cook, 2nd, 32.24.
• U-18 girls: M: S. Snider, 1st, 29.44; M. Devaney, 2nd, 30.97. V: P. Vincent, 2nd, 27.81, H. Vincent, 3rd, 28.12.
• U-18 boys: M: J. Fitzcharles, 3rd, 37.37. V: C. Johnston, 1st, 25.88.

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