Making a life in Addison County: Jen Roberts and Judd Markowski

Like many young adults in Addison County, Jen Roberts, 33, and Judd Markowski, 28, both moved away after finishing school. Roberts lived in England for a few months, working as a babysitter and bartender, and Markowski worked various jobs in Montana. But both chose to return here, and they soon met and got married. They’re now raising their two daughters, Mirabelle and Adalaide in Bridport.
“I’m more interested in where I wanted to be than what I wanted to do,” said Roberts. She explained that since she didn’t want to follow a career path that would force her to live where she found a job (she gives the example of being a rocket scientist), she wanted to raise her children in an area with a high quality of life. Also, she wants to raise her children near their grandparents. Both Markowski’s and Roberts’ parents live within ten miles of their home in Bridport.
Since they moved back to Vermont, they have worked a wide range of jobs — including trucking, landscaping, restaurant work and ski instructing. But they now own Daily Chocolate in Vergennes. Most days, Roberts works at the chocolate shop and Markowski stays home with their two daughters, Mirabelle and Adalaide.
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