Interstate rule may route traffic through Bristol

BRISTOL — Bristol selectmen at their meeting Monday evening met with Jim Lathrop to discuss a glitch in trucking regulations on Interstate 189.
Lathrop told the board that Interstate 189, which connects Route 7 to Interstate 89 near Burlington, had been excluded from a recent decision to increase weight limits on Vermont Interstates. That means that trucks carrying heavy loads — like logging trucks or trucks hauling wood chips, as Lathrop’s business often does — cannot drive on the spur between Route 7 and I-89 without risking a ticket.
As a result, Lathrop said, heavy truck traffic that comes into Vermont on Route 22A or Route 7 that wants to go north of Burlington often comes through Bristol.
At his urging, the board on Monday decided to draft a letter to state and federal representatives and officials at the Vermont Agency of Transportation recommending that weight limits be increased on I-189.

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