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The Addison Independent’s website is currently conducting an opinion survey about the missing Middlebury College student. This survey has received much feedback from the community as well as public service departments in town. Please take a minute to read this post about what is acceptable for comments and discussions on this survey and other posts on the website.

Speaking as a member of the website team at the Addison Independent, it is great to have comments coming onto the site. However, several comments have been removed due to personal attacks and relevance to the subject.
I know many people feel very strongly about this issue, but there is no need for name calling or direct attacks on individuals. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and are free to post their comments here. Remember that your opinion carries no more or no less weight than anyone else’s.
Because this section of the website is for public input on various topics and this topic remains at the forefront of community discussion, we are not going to remove the poll by suggestion and/or pressure from community members or public services. You have the right to participate in the discussion or to ignore the discussion entirely.
If you feel there are comments that are inappropriate for the discussion, please “report as spam”.
Thank you.
-John Sokolich
Website Editor

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