County in the market for new courthouse administrator

October 22, 2007
MIDDLEBURY — Addison County is in the market for a new chief administrator for its courthouse clerk, though the position must remain unfilled until early January due to a shortfall in the state’s judiciary budget.
County Clerk Kylie Dixon resigned on Oct. 1 after a little more than two years on the job. He declined to discuss the reason for his departure, except to say, “I left on good terms.”
It was during the summer of 2005 that Dixon succeeded Kathy Keeler, who retired after 25 years as an administrator of the Addison County courthouse.
Candidates have until Friday, Oct. 26, to apply for the clerk’s position. A job description on file at the courthouse lists the clerk’s duties as including:
• Working with the Superior Court judges to manage the caseload of the court.
• Ensuring court records are accurate and that court rulings and orders are prepared and distributed in a timely manner.
• Assisting all those who use the court in a “courteous and professional” manner.
• Overseeing the proper use of courthouse technology, including computers and audio/video devices.
• Managing county functions, including preparation of budgets, training and supervision of employees, managing selection of jurors and conducting recounts of county elections.
Whomever is picked to fill the job won’t be able to start until Jan. 2, 2008. The three-month hiring freeze is due to an estimated $800,000 shortfall in the state judiciary budget.
Vermont Supreme Court Clerk Virginia Lazarus said staff members are working hard to ensure court services are delivered in a thorough and timely manner while they shorthanded.

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