Lincoln housing plans

May 28, 2007
LINCOLN — A local resident is planning to build six houses on about 60 acres of property between Purinton Road and Downingsville Road in Lincoln into six separate housing lots. If the plan goes through, it will represent a substantial development in the area.
The Lincoln Planning Commission will evaluate the proposal at a public hearing on Monday, June 7, at 7:15 p.m. the town office.
The property belongs to Lincoln resident Dhyani Ywahoo. She said she decided around 2005 to build houses on the land both to develop the investment, and for some friends of hers, who will be living in some of the houses. “I wish to regather some of my investment, and also wish to have friends living nearby,� she said.
Originally, she said there were ambitious plans for a “green� development that would have greatly reduced energy use and relied on renewable fuel sources such as solar or geothermal energy. “With the cost of fuel, it’s really become very significant,� she said.
However, as plans firmed up, she decided that the cost of an effort like that on such a small scale would be prohibitive. “We’re simplifying and looking for high-efficiency insulation.�
Ywahoo, who is founder and spiritual director of the Sunray Buddhist spiritual society, said that her plans for the subdivision were unrelated to the Sunray Peace Village in Lincoln.
The current plan is for houses that will be modern but unobtrusive on 10-acre lots. “It’s a beautiful place, and it’s something that won’t really be seen from the road,� Ywahoo said. “We’re not talking about large homes or a large development.�
Even so, six houses would represent a relatively large project for the small town of Lincoln, according to planning commission Chair Aaron Thomas.
“It’s one of the largest in recent history,� he said.

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