Spring's Demonstration

Better than the return

of the Redwing Blackbirds

Bob says, jogging by me,


this March morning.

In his Khaki shorts.

First green shoots


inching up in the road’s

ditch. Two deer across

Spark’s field, browsing


thawing hay grass, their breath

visible as glass.

Better in the sense


he means we’re here

to say hello, me

overdressed, Bob, pushing


the season in his shorts.

A sign, like the birds tuning

a branch, real spring is still


a mile out and back.

We’ll have to go inside

again to our unelected


T.V.’s. Last night’s Chicago’s


screaming and punching—


leaving my country trembling

at what we do to each other

on the verge of spring.


Running on a bike and jogger’s

path by Lake Michigan.

And here, in Vermont’s mud


season, the Redwing’s scratching

their primary throats, more

or less, a kinder singing.

— Gary Margolis, Cornwall

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