Poem: I won't vote for a camel-

<h1> <strong><em>I won&rsquo;t cast one vote for a camel-</em></strong></h1><p> &nbsp;</p><p> haired coat. I&rsquo;d rather be thrown-out</p><p> in the snow and live in my state</p><p> of standing up, saying no.</p><p> &nbsp;</p><p> It doesn&rsquo;t know my neighbors</p><p> and I love sleeping in the cold</p><p> like an electable deer. I could</p><p> &nbsp;</p><p> say doe, if I was sure what I saw</p><p> stepping in next March to our school</p><p> gym. Where we stand up to speak</p><p> &nbsp;</p><p> our Johnson-milled minds in our</p><p> red and black deer hunting coats.</p><p> Say strong words for which</p><p> &nbsp;</p><p> we won&rsquo;t be cast out. Although we love</p><p> to think of ourselves sometimes</p><p> as national outcasts, more Canadian</p><p> &nbsp;</p><p> and Abenaki. More likely to have</p><p> a camel mixed in with our sheep</p><p> like my neighbor in Ferrisburgh.</p><p> &nbsp;</p><p> Who keeps one in sight, his head</p><p> a giant shoe sticking out of his barn.</p><p> I laugh every time I drive north to Burlington,</p><p> &nbsp;</p><p> here in Vermont. Where I&rsquo;m walking in</p><p> to the Flynn so I can sleep in the snow.</p><p> Where I&rsquo;m told the coat&rsquo;s going on and on.</p><p class="rtecenter"> <em>&mdash; Gary Margolis, Cornwall</em></p>

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