Opinion: 'Transparency' sought in ANeSU

<p align="left"> I hope this Superintendent David Adams drama in Bristol is not d&eacute;j&agrave; vu, but it is playing out much like the South Burlington Superintendent Gail Durckel&rsquo;s $104,000 goodbye deal back in 2006.</p><p align="left"> In that case Judge Matthew Katz ruled in the Sheldon Katz vs. South Burlington school board case that it is perfectly legal for the school board to keep the taxpaying public in the dark and squander their dollars without justification or accountability. Ironically and most sadly, the Vermont Supreme Court sustained his (Matt Katz&rsquo;) ruling, making the Vermont open meeting laws null and void and nothing more than a cruel joke.</p><p align="left"> It would be fantastic if Mr. Adams were to be exonerated in a public venue but it is more likely that he will be offered a golden parachute in a clandestine meeting. I pray that I am proven wrong and transparency and accountability prevail in spite of the Vermont courts and Legislature.</p><p align="right"> <strong>R.E. Merrill</strong></p><p align="right"> <strong>Bristol</strong></p>

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