College adopts "no-mow" policy

Mow no more — or, at the very least, less. The grounds crew at the Middlebury College has reduced the amount of lawn they mow by 20 acres this summer, allowing pockets of the landscape to return to flower-filled meadows. Previously, the school has mowed roughly 75 acres of lawn on the main campus each summer — which took seven employees moving for three full days to complete one mowing cycle.The “no-mow” project is helping the school trim expenses in two ways: it saves an estimated 1,000 hours of labor and about 670 gallons of fuel annually. So far, the reactions have been positive. Students are studying plant and pollinator species in the no-mow zones, and passers-by say they enjoy the look and feel of the meadow as they walk through campus.Check out the video, produced by the college:

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