Margolis: Rowing the Tulip Boat

<h1> <em><u><strong><span style="line-height: 20.799999237060547px;">Rowing the Tulip Boat</span></strong></u></em></h1><p> <span style="line-height: 20.799999237060547px;">What&rsquo;s more here than now!</span></p><p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; My neighbor&rsquo;s bed of tulips,</p><p> rows crowded into rows.</p><p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Not Elizabeth&rsquo;s rainbow</p><p> &nbsp;</p><p> bilge, gas and oil between</p><p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; her rowboat&rsquo;s struts.</p><p> Not a serrated knife&rsquo;s leftover</p><p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; scales. Oh the scales she found</p><p> &nbsp;</p><p> &nbsp;in a scene&rsquo;s words! I find</p><p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; each time I walk by his flowering</p><p> brushes, these more than purple</p><p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; blossoming cups. I could look</p><p> &nbsp;</p><p> up their names. Even if Elizabeth</p><p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; didn&rsquo;t name her boat&rsquo;s fish,</p><p> leaving something for us to do</p><p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; if we needed to. If a moment is</p><p> &nbsp;</p><p> more than walking by and seeing</p><p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; his work and theirs. What it takes</p><p> to break through his mounded</p><p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; soil to find their names.</p><p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p> This book says they&rsquo;re called,</p><p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Queen of the Night, Red Riding Hood,</p><p> Kolpakowskiana, the one with two blooms,</p><p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I have to pronounce more than twice.</p><p> &nbsp;</p><p> Isn&rsquo;t a name how we remember</p><p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; or not? Here, I have to say, I don&rsquo;t</p><p> know my neighbor&rsquo;s. Now is his time</p><p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; for flowers.</p><p> <strong>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;--Gary Margolis, Cornwall</strong></p><p> <img alt="" src="/files/images/Margolis tulips.jpg" /></p>

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