Teachers and negotiators strike ANeSU contract deal

<p> BRISTOL &mdash; After almost two years of negotiation, the Addison Northeast Supervisory Union&rsquo;s negotiating committee and teachers&rsquo; union this week came to an agreement on a teachers&rsquo; contract.</p><p> The exact terms of the new contract, which were ironed out Monday night in executive session negotiations, haven&rsquo;t yet been released. But Lanny Smith, lead negotiator for the school boards, said that the terms will be made public after the first school board votes on the new contracts.</p><p> &ldquo;The negotiating teams have come to a tentative agreement,&rdquo; said Smith, who also chairs the ANeSU executive committee. &ldquo;It is a four-year package that should be ratified within the next week by all the boards.&rdquo;</p><p> Since the end of June 2010, ANeSU teachers have been working without a collective bargaining agreement. In January 2011 the school boards imposed a contract, and in October of that year the teachers&rsquo; union called an impasse in contract negotiations, asking for a third-party mediator to help reach common ground.</p><p> That mediator issued a fact-finding report last month &mdash; drawing from both sides&rsquo; proposals, conditions at nearby school districts and overall economic conditions &mdash; to help reach a compromise between the union and the school boards.</p><p> Heading into Monday&rsquo;s meeting, the union was demanding that the school boards follow the guidelines laid out in the report. But several key differences &mdash; revolving around issues like salary increases, health insurance premiums and mandatory teacher dues paid to the union &mdash; remained up in the air.</p><p> <em>Reporter Andrew Stein is at [email protected].&nbsp;</em></p>

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