Weather Watch: Unusually Warm Feels Cold

<p> It felt extremely cold outside last night.</p><p> There was a light but cutting wind, the temperature was around 35 degrees, and it was raining. &nbsp;Persistent drizzle mixed in with occasional spitting rain. The raindrops cut like ice when they hit my face, but they were entirely liquid. &nbsp;I couldn&rsquo;t help but wish it would cool a few degrees, so the rain would turn to snow and it would feel so much warmer.</p><p> Believe it or not, yesterday&rsquo;s cold weather is an extension of the above-average temperatures we&rsquo;ve been seeing over the last couple of months, as described in <a href=" recent Addison County Independent article</a>. &nbsp;The high temperature on Tuesday was around average levels, but the low temperature was well above average. &nbsp;This relatively warm weather kept the nocturnal precipitation as rain, and over the last few weeks has even led to some confused bulbs, as seen <a href="">here</a>.</p><p> Despite Vermont&rsquo;s warmth, much of the United States has been very cold over the last week or two. &nbsp;Southern California has experienced <a href=";id=8457932">unusual freezing temperatures</a> and <a href="">extremely high winds</a>; <a href="!graphs;a=USA/WY/Rock_Springs;t=367506;mspp=299... interior West is socked in with frigid temperatures</a>; and snow has fallen from Texas through the mountains of the Deep South. &nbsp;<a href="!graphs;a=USA/VT/Burlington;a=USA/GA/Atlanta;t=...(Op">Last week the metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia area was colder than Burlington for two days</a>. &nbsp;Vermont&rsquo;s warmth, and the cold elsewhere, are being driven by the current path of the jet stream. &nbsp;As it plunges south over the West Coast, it is dragging air south from the Arctic. &nbsp;It then is swooping over the warm Gulf of Mexico and pulling that warm air northward towards Vermont. &nbsp;If the jet stream were just a bit further east, we&rsquo;d likely be pounded by nor&rsquo;easters instead. &nbsp;In fact, the next wave of precipitation, forecast for tonight and Thursday morning, is taking a more eastern track, and this time we&rsquo;re probably in for a couple of inches of snow. &nbsp;As with the snowstorm two weeks ago, a slight change in the track could mean a dumping of snow or a near-miss with more rain. As of 6:30 on Wednesday night, it&#39;s about 35 degrees and drizzling, so if it cools off much more we&#39;ll get at least light snow. &nbsp;Beyond this storm, it appears that we will be settling in to a more winterlike pattern... but I&rsquo;m pretty sure I said that two weeks ago too. &nbsp;We&rsquo;ll see!</p><p> <em>Charlie Hohn&nbsp;is a recent graduate of the UVM&nbsp;Field Naturalist&nbsp;graduate program. He has been closely watching the weather ever since he was a child in southern California. Charlie will be posting occasional blog posts here about&nbsp;Addison County&nbsp;weather. He also maintains a blog about water at <a href=""></a...

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